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Window Shopping For Burglars

burglary is a common crime in the UK, but are making your house appeal to burglars? The neighbourhood watch trust say that a lot of homeowners are unwittingly making their homes ‘shop windows’ for burglars, and presenting them with theft opportunities.

It is thought that the average homeowner in the UK owns around one thousand two hundred pounds of expensive equipment like televisions, laptops, antiques, electronics and antiques; all of which the opportunist burglar can see through the window. These findings also suggest that one in five of the population has a sum of at least two thousand pounds in plain view to people passing, because you can see through the window.

The advice given to the public is that you should put anything that you can out of sight, for example laptops should be stashed in the cupboard, and that all goods that you do have to have on display have been previously marked with a security pen, so that if anything is stolen, it can be returned to the rightful owner if it is recovered by the police. It’s a good idea to photograph your belongings too, as if you are the victim of crime it makes it far easier for the police to identify and return your belongings to you if found.

As old fashioned as they might seem, net curtains are a great idea to stop would be thieves seeing what you have spent your hard earned cash on. You could opt for blinds too, to ensure that the window is covered while you are not in the home and limit the view into your house. This way it will be harder for criminals to see their possible bounty.

But it seems that burglars will not only target you if you are out of the house, but when you are in the home too. Which is why with the summer months descending on us, it is recommended that you be more vigilant when opening windows and doors, and ensure that if you are out in the garden you are locking the windows, especially if the door is out of sight.

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