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Why Omega Watches Make Great Heirlooms

Omega watches have been around for over 120 years with the company first producing watches in 1885, yes, that is a long, long ago!  You figure that any company that has been around that long must make a really great product or they would have gone out of business a long time ago.  They are located in Biel/Bienne Switzerland and it is one of the more prestigious brand names in watches today.

The company has been able to change with the times and works hard to meet the needs of its customers.  They have a rigorous set of steps and procedures that each newly designed product must go through to ensure that it meets the company’s strict set of quality controls.

The company boasts that it was an Omega watch that was the first on the moon with the US Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.  It has been associated with the famous James Bond movie franchise since 1995. That year, Pierce Brosnan took over the role of James Bond, and the producers wanted to update the image of the fictional “super-spy” to a more distinctly sophisticated “Euro” look. 

Now, with this background information you definitely want to get an Omega watch for yourself.  What better timepiece than the one worn by James Bond!  Every man wants to lead an exciting life just like him.

If, you are fortunately enough that someone left you and older model of an Omega pocket watch, you should consider yourself very lucky.  If it has been sitting around in someone’s drawer collecting dust, do not attempt to start it without having it first checked by a professional watch repair person.  Your heirloom watch should be checked out because friction will gradually wear down the components of its mechanisms. 

It should be oiled every three years and professional cleaned every 10 years.  You can pretty much assume that it has been sitting around for a long time in a drawer and that you should first take it to a professional.  If replacement parts are needed, remember to only have those items replaced that are absolutely necessary.  You want to ensure that you keep the monetary value of it intact and a conservative approach is best when it comes to replacement parts.

Oh well, you were not left an old Omega watch by anyone in your family, so you are going to go out and purchase one for yourself.  There are so many different watch styles to choose from that you will probably be overwhelmed during your search.  You can begin by narrowing your search down a bit-do you want a pocket watch or a wristwatch?  What special features do you want it to have?  Is it important to you that it be self-winding, battery operated, water proof, tell you the date, have a stop watch?  By figuring out exactly what you want, you can begin looking at the different models.

Figure out which Omega watch you want and then go out and buy it.  You will know that you have purchased a watch that it is truly a fine piece of jewelry.  And while no one left you an antique heirloom, may your watch handed down for a few generations will eventually be an antique that is treasurer by someone.

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