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Who’s Watching Your Children?

If you have kids, you know that sooner or later you are going to have to leave them with someone while you are out. Some parents do this much later on, but there are situations where it becomes a necessity to locate a childcare provider before the baby is very old. This can be very scary for first-time parents unless they have a relative or friend to help them out. Leaving the baby for the first time with a perfect stranger can be traumatizing to the parents as well as the child. Chances are mom will call home several times over the course of the day, and this is to be expected and perfectly normal. If the person you have picked to care for the baby has done this before, she will understand your concern.


It may be a little easier to leave your child with someone if he or she is older, but it may not be as easy on the person you hire! Some children are so used to being cared for by just their parents, that no one else will do. At first, that is. It will take a little time, and a lot of tears, but they do adjust. It’s just as scary for them as it is for their parents. This person is a stranger, and some kids just don’t take to someone they have never seen before right away. Others take the circumstances as a matter of course and get along fine with their childcare provider right from the start. You can’t figure kids out, so don’t even try when it comes to who they decide to allow into their circle of friends.


Of course, when you are first looking for someone, it’s important that you know where to look, and what to do once you find a person you think will fit into your household. Interview more than once! The first time do it alone, and the next time introduce the applicant to your child(ren.) See how your child reacts, and how the childcare provider handles the situation if your child starts to cry or act up. Is she calm and soothing or does the crying seem to irritate her? Does she speak to your child in a kind, gentle voice? If your little one seems fine with her, does she communicate with him or her in a way they can understand? Be aware of everything she says and does during the interview.


Many people who provide childcare are professionals who are used to dealing with any given situation. They can handle emergencies without getting rattled, remain calm, and know exactly what to do to without losing their cool. They are usually certified in first-aid, and many have completed CPR training, as well. This is the person you want caring for your children. You don’t want to be a nervous wreck every time you leave the house. The first few times you may race to get home at the end of the day because you expect the worst, only to get there to find that all is well, everyone is happy, and you worried for nothing. This is a natural part of leaving your kids with someone other than a relative or friend.


If you are one of the extremely lucky few, you will have a relative who is willing to take over your parenting duties while you are away. Many doting grandparents become willing and loving childcare providers to your kids, and thrive on every minute of it. Unfortunately, as is often the case, grandparents or other close relatives do not live nearby and you are left searching for someone you can trust on your own. Don’t despair! There are agencies in just about every town that have babysitters, nannies, and other childcare experts who are registered with them. One of them is the right person for you.


The advantage of hiring through such an agency is that they have performed background checks on the people who register, have certain requirements each person has to meet, and have pre-screened each applicant. Many times the agency will have a website where you can go to view profiles and pictures, read a little background information, check references and experience before you decide to schedule an interview. Of course, you can also do a background check of your own through a service that specializes in this. Your face-to-face interview will be able to tell you more than you could possibly ascertain by just reading about that person. Always trust your instincts and you will have a childcare provider who will be a welcome sight every time she walks in the door.

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