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Whale watching in Hermanus

Just an hour and a half’s drive out of Cape Town is the picturesque Town of Hermanus.  Hermanus is littered with numerous accommodation available for visitors, ranging from luxury hotels, quaint family run Bed and Breakfasts and lovely selfcatering apartments rivaling the holiday houses in Cape Town.

The uncrowded beaches and beautiful mountainous surroundings attract many tourists. Hermanus’ activities include, shark cage diving, paragliding, golfing and of course the most celebrated activity, whale watching. Evidence of this fact can be found in the use of the whale icon, found on what seems like every available surface, such as key rings, plaques, shop, restaurant and house names and included in the motifs of a myriad of décor items. It is difficult to visit Hermanus and not be reminded of their frequent visitor, the whale.

Hermanus is one of the prime locations for whale watching in South Africa, and Southern Right whales can be frequently seen from the cliffs on the periphery of the town, or if you’re lucky, in the sheltered bays from the balcony of your selfcatering accommodation, from May to December. The Hermanus inhabitants celebrate the height of the whale season with their annual Whale festival which takes place in September. During the festival the usually tranquil town comes alive with an extensive food and craft market as well as many plays and live music.

Whales inhabit Antarctic water between 30′ and 55’South, tending to migrate South during the summer months when supplies of krill are more prolific.

The average gestation period for a female whale is 12 months. The young start suckling from birth and continue until they are 1 year old. Calf’s measure between 5 and 6 meters long at birth and take 10 years to reach adulthood, where they are fully grown. A fully grown male measures 15.2 meters and a female slightly larger at 16.5 meters. 

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