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Whale Watching In Ecuador

Every summer between the months of June to October the warm waters of Ecuadors Pacific coastline turn into a breeding ground for Humpback Whales. The whales travel from the furthest southern seas to congregate on Ecuadors coastline for breeding. Because the whales are born without sufficient fat to survive in colder waters, the young are reared in the warm water until they’re big enough to survive elsewhere.

This time of the year is favourite for all nature lovers. People from all over the world come to observe these incredible creatures. So it wont seem strange why most of the beach hotels in Ecuador are entirely occupied.

If any mammal understands the value of life, it’s the Humpback Whale that migrates over 7000 kilometers each year from the cold waters of Antarctica to the warmer waters off the coast of Ecuador to give birth to their cubs and ensure their survival.

They travel in large pods and stay near to the coast. Young males are the first to begin the migration and the first to arrive off the coast of Ecuador. Pregnant females are the last to arrive. The typical swimming speed is about 4 knots but when migrating it can be up to 6 knots.

From late June until late September, it is possible to take whale-watching tours from many of Ecuadors coastal towns. The male whales leap out of the water as they try to attract a mate. They also emit unusual sounds while they are doing so.

Whale Watching Hotspots in Ecuador

You will find a lot of various places along the Ecuadorian coast from which to take whale-watching tours. Tour companies are found all over the coast offering this activity. A few of the most significant are:

Puerto Lopez – The preferred area in Ecuador to take whale watching trips is Puerto Lopez. Whale watching trips from Puerto Lopez may also stop at Isla de la Plata, that’s known as a mini model of the Galapagos, and also the Machalilla National Park. Puerto Lopez might be accessed by bus from Quito, which normally requires about ten hours. It’s possible to take a plane to Manta after which take a bus to Puerto Lopez. For the overnight you can find accommodation in cosy Ecuador hotels.

Salinas – It’s also possible to find whale watching tours as far south as Salinas. Salinas can be accessed by bus from Guayaquil, which normally requires about an hour. Flights can be taken from Quito to Guayaquil, which take 35 minutes. Buses to Guayaquil from Quito take above 6 hours.

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