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Wedding! New Home! New Tv! 51 New Lcd Shopping Guide

the old people say this year’s “No Spring”, appeared to be at the May 1 holiday really no way a little spring. Yet another cold day can not hold people’s passion, 51 draws near, wedding, celebration, shopping has become the hotspot. Of course, many Home Appliances Enterprises stand the loneliness, the 2010 is the universal LED years, since from March, TCL, Skyworth, Hisense And other famous enterprises have new conference held to launch its own new LED series to compete for 51 Internet TV consumer market.

Wedding! New home! New TV! 51 New LCD Shopping guide

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Xiaobian the latest listing of several LED LCD TV , On the whole, it has several significant improve the quality of LCD TV, exterior design is quite stylish, but more importantly, with the triple play intensive process, which several LCD TVs are enhanced Internet capabilities.

Following several new products let us reveal the true colors, you Tell me what, came passing not miss.

TCL L46P11F BD EG TV as TV play

3 29 , TCL Group’s new conference in Hong Kong, today introduced a new generation of the P11 series of Internet television, many enhancements and added features, makes this TV great impact.


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more in line with the young consumer’s aesthetic, with a slim body design, the thinnest less than 3 mm. Border with the world’s leading high-light-color injection molding process, clear and transparent outer border, ice blue or red border hyun in the inner circle and elegant borders, creating a reflection of changing light, stylish eye-catching, and both are home aesthetics example.

Hardware, the introduction of the P11 TCL introduced the industry’s top series LED backlight Technology and black crystal screen. TCL’s leading black crystal screen through a special surface treatment of nano-level, so that LCD TVs have become more texture, distribution of deep black charm. Through the translucent screen is optimized for screen clarity, contrast dramatically.

Network functions, P11 series for the first time using the second generation of mitv Internet TV operating system, all the features users need at most three-step operation, function icons refreshing design, application technology of the Internet TV push to new heights. In the past Internet TV user interface for a horizontal arrangement, users need to search for function icons left or right; this upgrade, consider the use of consumer habits, features icons arranged vertically to take, there are channels, multimedia, networking, entertainment, information, My account these options. Cursor to a current function of each icon, the screen will automatically appear the next level Options icon, so that consumers mitv Internet TV feature glance. Behind this simple application, in fact unite the industry’s most sophisticated of the current software, human-computer interaction technology. Second-generation mitv Internet TV operating system that supports multi-tasking, can handle pictures, music. Such as user With TV U disk playing time in the photo, you can simultaneously play music, which makes mitv Internet television becomes more powerful features.

Edit Comment: LED can be a mature one, the Internet has become the major functions TV The focus group game, TCLP11 series “three-step operation”, a great user-friendly, TCLP11 from the operating system, LED and black crystal screen applications and technology engine and so on, have done it, “the control to the user,” so that consumers enjoy “play”, and meet consumer demand.

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