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Watch What You Eat Away From Home

It is very easy to let go of more than a few rules or code of conduct once we leave home or get to a place we are basically strangers. This also applied to what we eat especially during vacations or trips. We may find it easier to keep the calories at bay when we are at home or our home environment but we might just not be too strong to let that guard stay up if we are on a trip or go on vacation. It is therefore important that we maintain proper and healthy eating habits when on vacation so that we don’t end up undoing all the good work before getting back home.


Stay with healthy snacks during your holidays. This is one thing that people do not give enough attention to because they focus on the meal and then binge on unhealthy snacks all through the day.

If you do not know how to go about getting them where you are vacationing, taking some with you won’t be a bad idea.


Another thing the healthy snacks do is to keep you on your toes when you want to take a serious meal because you are already mentally alert and disciplined to continue to eat correctly. But another thing it does is that you can now loosen up a bit when you want to have a meal because you would be conscious not to really go gaga.


Vacation and restaurants go hand in hand. Restaurants unfortunately are not particularly that health conscious. They are in fact ready to spoil you if you let them and have enough in your wallet to go along with them. You may also adopt the measure of sharing your meal with someone. It would definitely reduce your intake by half.


The drinks you consume something that should be watched with care. Alcohol could do more to push your calorie intake than most meals. A margarita has hundreds of calories and downing a few glasses could mean a couple of thousands of in less than thirty minutes.


A way of regulating your intake of cocktails is by having an on and off day where you decide not to take any for one day and put a number on the intake for the next day.


Then you can also go for a light beer rather than the cocktail and there is nothing like consciously drinking water everyday on your vacation. This comes with so many benefits and should be maintained even religiously.


Don’t binge on desserts! You can do what we suggested with your meals by deliberately taking only half. It would help keep you in check so that you don’t over indulge yourself. And even though we talked about restaurants not being particular about serving health conscious meals we were talking about restaurants that provide evening dinners. But fast food restaurants should be avoided because that is one area where nothing you eat will help you unless you go green. The thing with them is that they are easily the most recognizable feature you would see that is from home where you go vacationing. But if you avoid them at home, then you must make sure you don’t get so homesick as to pay them a visit or else you might just end up undoing all the good work you had been building up at home.


To avoid falling into temptation, planning ahead of time is very important. If it’s a road trip then pack enough health food from home and store them properly. But if you are using air travel, once you get to your destination search out a fruit store or get packaged salads and yogurt.


The whole idea is to stay focused and disciplines when you are away from home just as you would when you are around your home environment. And handling those things you take in regularly like snacks and making sure they are healthy would give you enough leg room to eat with a bit more variety when you come to your normal meals.


Some actually give up on the whole program altogether when they get back and find out that they have added all the weight to thought they had lost before coming going for their vacation in the first place and avoiding this is important.

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