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Watch this: The Simpsons recreates Adventure Time, South Park, Archer, Pokemon, and many more

Saxophone enthusiast Lisa Simpson closed last night’s Treehouse of Horror episode with this terribly meta thought:

“I just had a worrisome thought. If there could be two incarnations of The Simpsons why couldn’t some evil marketing entity produce millions of others?”

And so we get this wonderful montage care of “some evil marketing entity,” wherein various incarnations of The Simpsons family inspired by various cartoons from around pop culture all descending upon the house.

Here are the references we caught:

  • Various Japanese anime (Homer as Roronoa Zoro / “Pirate Hunter Zero” from One PIece, Bart as Naruto, Maggie as Pikachu from Pokemon, and Lisa as Mikasa from Attack on Titan)
  • Adventure Time (in this world, Princess…

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