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Watch the Video and Buy It

Advertising has taken a twist in line with the changing times. With the advent of technology and the Internet, advertising has to change too. The same mediums cannot be used twenty years later as it was used before. With that, video advertising has emerged as a new method of advertising.

Video advertising is the use of videos to promote an item. Many industries and fields have resorted to this new form of advertising to increase their sales, be it of products or services. Real estate agents have used this method to show potential clients the homes that are being up for rent or sale. Health products have videos too to show how effective their products are and how they work in our bodies. Websites trading in items use video advertising too to attract customers to purchase the items put up for sale. is one of these websites that uses video advertising to promote the items up for sale. It is a classified website that people sell things either used or new. You will find a wide range of items here, from pets, gadgets, automobiles and home theatre systems. It is the place to get quality second hand goods easily without having to leave your home to head to a garage sale or a yard sale. There are various reasons that lead to deciding on video advertising, namely:

Attract buyers

Without a video, people would be unlikely to even click on an item. By having a video there, people are lured to click and view the item. That is how Youtube achieved its success; people simply love videos.

Better preview of items

If there is nothing to hide, why not let potential customers take a look at the items as they are? It helps customers to decide if they want to purchase the item and it also gives potential customers the confidence in the item. Buyers wouldn’t feel cheated or misled because they have viewed the items. This way, sellers tend to benefit as they gain the trust of the customers.

Time and cost saving

Customers need not leave their homes to check out the items of their interest further. If they want to view the kitten that they wish to purchase, simply click on the video and check them out. This way, they save time by not having to drive over to the seller’s place and this translates into cost saving measures too. They get the idea of how the item is like without having to head over and be disappointed.

Video advertising gives leverage over other classifieds websites who do not have this feature. If you were to buy something, wouldn’t you want to check it out further first?


Anna has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. If you are looking for the new marketing idea, you might want to check out for video advertising.


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