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Watch Phone was borne to Watch and Phone

You can now keep time as you walk, talk and listen; from the same position, from whichever hand and from one gadget. This is a miracle that must have been prophesied in the last century. It is. Before the sudden miracle, it was absolutely impossible to even imagine of a single gadget executing such top level communications with unexpected accuracy and clarity. You don’t need to ask where the miraculous gadget first appeared because DinoDirect has all the information. The gadget has had to content with its new baptismal name; Watch Phone because it was borne to Watch and Phone with the little consent of the grandfathers. Since each parent wanted to share in the humility, beauty and handsomeness of the newborn, they concluded that sharing names was the only workable solution which never gave in to biasness. It is admiringly and affectionately called Watch Phone.

Watch phone first set foot on Earth at the end of 20th Century and it is therefore not a surprise to hear the staff of DinoDirect talking of ‘The Millennium Gift’ or ‘The Millennium Surprise’. Watch phone has become used to any nickname that is thrown its way. A watch phone doubles up as a mobile watch phone. It first appeared in 1999 in Samsung under the name Samsung SPH-WP10 before it started hitting the shelves of DinoDirect. It has since then been honored for its outstanding performance in terms of speed and security and has had the privilege of extra parental care from its new parents: Swap, Phenom and many others. A watch phone cannot just be bypassed. It is beyond proxy.

Your new watch phone comes with cutting-edge design with several added values. It takes the shape of your everyday watch and you can therefore easily assume it for a simple tick tack object that you bought your child the other day as a birthday gift. You have been lied to. You are in dire need of a watch phone lesson brief. Its slimness is very visible. It can dive into cold water and back unhurt. It can efficiently take wild photographs without losing clarity and preciseness. Don’t worry about how you will store the recorded music or the new scenic photos; your watch phone contains SD card for mass storage. The 3G watch phone also boasts stereo, Bluetooth, USB, FM radio, eBook reader and Web Surfing. It easily integrates with a computer to playback MP3 and MP4 files. The same watch phone has a file manager and understands your handwriting. Its screen is only touched. DinoDirect is only a click away.


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