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Watch Out The Electric Heater

With the temperature decreasing directly these days, thick jackets and trousers had appeared commonly in the street. But we could still find chilblain on many parts of our bodies that could not be protected very well, such as hands, feet, and ears. In our daily life, many of us choose the electric heaters to keep warm during our sleep. Not too long ago, the hospital received a patient who was hurt by the electric heater. The patient was diagnosed as degree-two burn although the burned area was not very big. The director of Emergency Department reckoned that the reason that the patient was hurt by the heater because he made it work toward a firm direction

As the director told, when people made the heater keep working to a firm point, the temperature would keep going up even if you had a thick quilt. When people sleep deeply, they could not wake up with the hurt coming from light empyrosis. Therefore, once you wake up, the hurt would be quite bad.

He reminded that if people really wanted to sleep with the heater on, they should adjust the heater on the moving file. If people chose electric blanket, they also should choose those types that could control temperature and maintain it.

In addition, people who are not that healthy should remember to wear some clothes so as to keep the body warm. So as to avoid some accidents led by blood pressure rising because of cold body and vasoconstriction.

Which parts of our bodies need our special attention to overcome the extremely cold winter? The first is head. Because people’s heads are the location of our nerve centers. According to related information, about 1/3 of the heat of people’s body would disappear through head when the temperature was about 15℃ while the number would be 3/4 when the temperature came to -10℃n hence, in the winter, wearing a hat could not only keep warm, but also help prevent ourselves from cold, cough, headache and so on|Consequently, putting on a warm hat could help you feel warm firstly, and on the second, it could help you avoid cold, cough, headache and some other diseases.

The next is neck. In the cold winter, people could never forget to put on thermal underwear, but always forget to keep the neck warm. But it is very important to take some actions to keep the neck warm because that could help avoid cervical spondylosis. There are many causes of cervical spondylosis, but one of the important factors is coldness. When the winter is coming, the blood circulation of the exposed neck muscles would go slowly. After a long time, some parts would swell. Therefore, we should pay attention to keep the neck warm in the cold winter. If we go outside in the daytime, we can wear scarf. While a hot-bottle bog could give you heat when you sleep.

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