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Watch Out for Those Calories, Girl

Gender differences exist even  in the world of calorie counting. For obvious reasons, both genders, having different  lifestyles and attitudes, have different health needs and the ideal daily calorie intake to lose weight  for each gender varies as well.

When dieting, a woman has to consider her physical activity and basal metabolic rate. A woman who has  regular exercise routine burns more calories than a woman who is deskbound  but in these times more women do not have enough time to go to the gym and perform those exercise routines. To compensate, calculating for the  BMR can alleviate this problem.  

The BMR or basal metabolic rate  is the basic amount of calories or energy that a person needs in order to maintain the normal functioning of the body and it is in this particular minimum rate that your daily calorie intake to lose weight will depend on.  If a woman targets a specific weight, it is suggested that she  decrease her calorie intake by as much as 3,500 calories per week so that means lessening her calorie intake by as much as 500 calories per day which is done  by decreasing one’s appetite or participating in activities like pole-dancing.  

Now this may be a tall order to some but determination spells a lot of difference.  The nutrition information that we see on the food labels are there to guide consumers about the amount of calories that their products contain so make use of that important information and start applying those math skills in adding and subtracting. And although a bar of chocolate or a pint of ice cream may be our comfort food remember that it will take tremendous effort to get rid of them once they have settled in our waist line.

Again, we  have the nutrition information to guide us, to serve as motivation for our sheer determination to see healthy numbers when we step up on  a weighing scale, and to remind us of our desire to not to worry about  potential health risks that are lying in wait for us when we become too heavy for our own good. So if you want to know your basic caloric requirements you can check websites for the calculations.

Other health conditions should be considered as well, pregnant women require different amounts of calories because she is no longer eating for herself alone but also for the child or children she carries so consult the  proper health authorities before counting calories and planning that diet because the calorie intake of a pregnant woman changes as she progresses through her pregnancy.

A woman’s quest to  apply the appropriate daily calorie intake to lose weight  need not be torturous.  Never lose more than 1.200 calories per day, leave enough calories for the body to continue its healthy and normal functioning.  A woman may want to lose weight but not starve herself.  Besides, cutting her food intake in an abrupt manner may cause stronger cravings that once she gives in may result in over eating. Best to stick with the recommended amount to achieve the desired result.

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