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CCTV set formally to send HD signals all the country’s provinces and Tianjin have both Full HD users only


And high-definition set-top box can watch HD through re-search program. Dragon TV, Hunan Satellite TV is also on yesterday (September 28) from Tianjin to switch on the HD signal, combined with high-resolution integrated CCTV, new vision and CHC HD movie channels, digital TV users can now Tianjin receive 6 HD channels, which CHC new vision and high-definition movie channels to pay channels. Reporter from the Tianjin large

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Marketplace understand that all high-definition digital TV has been accounted for TV


80% of the amount and time record low prices, plus the cost of replacement of digital set-top boxes, high-quality public television programs to watch “one-off investment” conservative estimated 5,500 yuan.

See HD may have two hardware devices

It is understood that people need to have both high definition and high definition television set-top box hardware to watch these two programs. According to the requirements of high definition CCTV, users were required to have a logo or a rate of 1080i high-definition with HDMI and component interfaces of TV. Have the two HD receivers now on only the user turn on the TV re-search on high-definition programming in the column to see new channels, while other receives digital TV programs are not affected.

At least 5,500 yuan a one-time investment

Reporter from

States United States

Understand that the current HDTV market, the city has a very high coverage, 80% are high-definition TV. All in the sale of TV brands have launched HDTV in

Price war

Driven by 42-inch high-definition TV prices have fallen below 4,000 yuan, 55-inch high-definition TV are yuan.

According to Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. Service introduction, people living in the district valid ID in the operating room digital TV set-top box can handle high-definition replacement business. October 31 handling of the business customers to choose from two packages, respectively, 1530 yuan and 2280 yuan, in addition to high-definition set-top boxes and smart cards, but also provides premium HD channels trial


The former will enjoy the new visual Look to Dec. 31, the latter can enjoy high-definition movies Look at CHC 6 months.

Thus, while some of the satellite TV CCTV and high definition TV signals available free of charge, but an ordinary TV and digital TV set-top box users who want to watch HD channels need to buy the hardware at the lowest prices, the purchase of 42-inch high-definition television and HD set-top choice to replace 1,530 yuan package, take a one-time costs 5,500 yuan to see these high definition channels.

Choose to recognize the signs HDTV

Consumers buy high-definition television, high-definition logo key to see whether there. Last year, determined by the China Ministry of Information Industry


Standardization Institute Certification Center and the China Quality Certification Center is responsible for certification of digital high-definition television, so my HD logo have two kinds of CESI and CQC.

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