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Tumblr’s new OS X app lets Yosemite users share from anywhere

Tumblr has launched an official app for OS X today, one day after the release of Apple’s latest desktop operating system. It’s available for free in the Mac App Store right now, and Tumblr wants you to know that it does two things, and two things only. First, it’s a web wrapper for the Tumblr website. So what you get here is really no different than loading up the site in Safari or Google Chrome. It’s simpler and faster though, so if you spend tons of time on Tumblr, you can now run it separately from your web browsers — and stick to those for Facebook, Gmail, and whatever else.

But Tumblr on OS X is definitely worth downloading for its sharing features. The app takes full advantage of Yosemite’s extensions, which let you put new…

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