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Trends in Denim and Watches


The trends of denims are not only important for the suppliers of denim or the manufacturer’s f this product but they are equally important for the buyers, designer s and the buying side of the business. For the suppliers it is important to keep in touch with the latest trends and forecasts of the industry, as this will keep the interest of the retail companies in their products.

The same way it is even more important for the designer and buyers of the brand to have knowledge of the trends as it will help them to create collections that are more close to the market demand and somehow according to the trend of next season. Some of the m most promising trends of the next season will be structured fabrics, there are a lot of structured textures coming into the market for the next season, and market is going towards more structure and definition on the surface by suing different techniques. The same is with the use of materials like a lot of denim jeans manufacturer are using Tencel blends in denim fabrication, another promising trend for the future seasons.

Denim trends have been changing like any other trend in the past. Coming new in the markets are printed denims, also a lot of characterization in the structure is coming along as many of the high end labels are using in their collection,

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