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Top Shopping Places where you can take your Family in the Isle of Wight

One of the best vacations that you can take your kid on is Isle of Wright holidays.  Your kid can try out different adventures and see many interesting places so every day; he has something to occupy himself with. You must book at the holiday cottages so you will have a safe, clean and comfortable place to stay in especially when you are brining your family with you. The great thing about the holiday cottages is that they are near the attractions and shopping places of the island. Make sure that you include shopping as part of your itinerary as you might find interesting finds in the different department stores, shops, boutiques and even in the colourful farmers market.

Koko’s Bear Shop

Your kid will find the best toys at the Koko’s Bear Shop, located at Union Street in Ryde.  This shop is quite near the holiday cottages so it is easy for you to locate.  You will find different kinds of gifts, stuffed bears, colourful teddy bears in different costumes and designs and other miniature toys.  A certain part of the shop is dedicated to their DIY bears where you can create your own bear by just choosing the design, colour and accessories that you want. This is a great way of expressing your creativity by making your own bear.  It is interesting to see your kid choose from a wide variety of bears, dress him up and put in accessories. Make sure that this shop is part of your Isle of Wight holidays and your kid will certainly have a memorable time here. If your child really enjoyed this shop you can always go back anytime as it is near your holiday cottages.  This will really be one unforgettable experience that your kid will treasure during the Isle of Wight holidays.

St. Thomas Square

The farmers market at St. Thomas Square is one very interesting place to visit during your Isle of Wight holidays.  It is located at the St. Thomas Square in Newport near your holiday cottages and happens every Friday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. For those who are particular about the kind of food they eat, this market is one rich source of fresh ingredients for a home cooked meal that you can prepare in your self-catering holiday cottages. Aside from just seeing the different produce, you will also have the chance to get more information about them as the farmers themselves attend the farmers market. Here you will find both locals and visitors alike.  Some are not there to buy but simply take in the colourful sights of the farmers market. This is one great place to visit and should form part of your Isle of Wight holidays itinerary


If you can, make sure you take your kid with you during the Isle of Wight holidays as you know that they will enjoy this adventure.  Here on the island, there are many activities to indulge in and many attractions to go to so there is always something interesting to do every day. 

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