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Tips on how to identify high end watches review

First, the movement style and movement identifies while using truth table are very familiar with so of the transparent bottom from the table at the table, you can certainly distinguish the authenticity connected with one. Secondly, have to carefully observe the movement from the word, the clear appearance from the genuine movement carved the idea of, leave the dining room table is rough, you don’t have beauty. Finally, insight to the movement performance from the above chain connected with methods (handbook or automatic, one-way and also two-way), and movement to travel when the seem.

The back protect label review

Label to look at the bottom from the table factory, usually watches on the label will have a very brand logo, as well as the watch model variety logo. Some watch the label on the bottom of the table it will have laser laser anti-counterfeiting.

Visual appeal of fine places review

First carefully observe the appearance from the watch, including the appearance of polished: watch polishing tactics are delicate, watch the grinding is rather particular about, and leave the table process with distinctive. Font: true font from the table is full, leave the table seems like that a insufficient confidence.: Most from the fake watch will continue to work hard in the function, which is a breakthrough to forecast the false dining room table. Many false dining room table features are design (moon period, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, etc. )#) actually does not have this function. Pointer: pointer connected with genuine distinction. From the length, thickness, shape and substance and counterfeit For example, the senior look at often “blued steel hands, really the pointer color from the table is rich in quiet blue cooked fake watch pink brush up from the complex process. File: the disk procedure for the senior look at the enamel surface area, chi Lou procedure, metal radiation file, shell disk, some watch also offers its own distinctive technology, computer file, such as Rolex, Cartier yellow metal silver-plated carved file. Diamonds and mosaic: the mosaic of diamond quality and dimension.

Surface of the glass and Digit variety identifies

Generally watch from the sapphire crystal dining room table mirror, the easiest way for distinguishing between fingertips tapping the magnifying glaas surface, a real sapphire crystal glass is going to be issued a clear voice; or water drops on the glass, the real thing will remain drops of watercondensation as an alternative to spread out. A close evaluate the cover the name from the table when they get home and digital i . d, leave the table usually you don’t have law, even along with true table-digit matches on. The truth table is just about every individually numbered. Many cool cartier calibre are available.

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