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Timex Watches and Cartier Replica Watches – The Perfect Time Piece For Smart People

Timex Watches from Timex Group USA is known worldwide for their elegance and durability. Though the primary market for the Timex Watches is United States and Canada, they are quite popular in India too. The Timex group also sells many other brands namely Guess, Nautica, Ecko, Opex and luxury watches like Versace, Valentino and Ferragamo. GPS enabled watches, heart rate monitor exercise are other products manufactured by the Timex group.

Timex Watches for men:
Among the Timex collection for men are an array of rugged looking watches, sports and formal watches. They are sports and fitness advanced, Empera and Formals. The sports watches are more inclined towards performance, accuracy and appropriate for professionals. The Empera collection is a set of luxury watches designed in gold and two-tone for both men and women. The all new Empera has around 40 styles of watches. These are a set of bejeweled watches for a regal look.

Timex Watches for women:
On the other hand, the Timex watches for women includes three main categories namely Dress Watches, casual watches and the sporty outdoor watches. Timex expedition is the best known in the sports watch category. Timex Carriage, Acqua, Timex LK 15, a series of Fashion Classic Analogs, Quartz Analogs, Womens Indiglo, Chrono Alarm Timer and a series of watches for girls and kids are included in this category.

Timex Pair Collection:
And last but not the least, akin to the famous Bandhan collection in Titan, the ‘Timex Pair Collection’ comes as a set of two that is suitable for all age groups. Known for the ‘Indiglo’ and accurate ‘chronograph’ features the Timex watches are versatile and have great good value for the money.

Titan Sonata:
Regal looks, impeccable styling and affordable price tags-that’s the Titan Sonata watch for you. The sonata brand of Titan watch is the most preferred corporate gifts in India.

Titan Fastrack Watches:
Fastrack Titan watches are ideal for teenagers and youngsters. These titan watches are crafted to suit the younger generation that is sprightly and adventure loving. They are affordable and come in upbeat colors and designs.

Titan Edge:
Titan edge has the distinction of being the slimmest watch in the world. This is an example of how style meets technology. Titan watch with the edge technology is available in 13 variants.

Milestones of the Timex Watches:
Introduced in the year 1854, Timex Watches has many firsts in its kitty. The first Timex Watch was branded in the year 1951. When in 1986 Timex introduced that Ironman triathlon, it became one of the best selling watches in the world. In 1992, Timex introduced Indiglo, the watch industry’s first electroluminescent watch face. And then Timex came out with watches equipped with electronic compass, tide tracker and temperature.

Today, TIMEX is an internationally acclaimed watch brand which has been verified by its 1st position in the watch category, in the prestigious “WWD Top 100 brand awareness annual survey” conducted by the popular Women’s Wear Daily magazine in the U.S. on 2008. Indeed Timex Watches have come a long way from its first ‘Mickey Mouse’ clock that was made in 1933, in all the areas of style, technology and the attached price tag.

It is also the name of a Replica Cartier Must 21 Series Must 21 Chronograph, and also referred to as the “Oyster Professional Cosmography”. This Replica Cartier Must 21 Series Must 21 Quartz has become the choice of many a racing driver and has earned the tag of being the “racing driver’s choice” due to reasons absolutely valid and justified.

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