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This rolling robot wants to replace your TV, stereo system, and babysitter

Pierre Lebeau, a former project manager for Google based in Paris, was riding on his bike when the eureka moment struck. “I thought, what if I had a robot that could move around my house and turn any room into the home entertainment system.” He went to bed that night with his brain humming. “I woke up at 3AM and wrote a 10-page proposal and since then I’ve been working to execute on it.”

“It’s not a robot that mimics some human behavior.”

Lebeau’s project is called Keecker, an egg-shaped device that scoots around your house and uses a built-in projector and speaker array to turn any wall into a wide screen for displaying your movies, games, or digital art. The company is launching a Kickstarter today that will offer the first units to…

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