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This is Tesla’s D: an all-wheel-drive Model S with eyes on the road

It’s a typically warm fall night in Los Angeles, and just after sunset Elon Musk is taking the wraps off the D. This isn’t a lewd joke much of the internet imagined. It’s the company’s new dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version of its Model S sedan, one that promises faster acceleration, and better performance in inclement weather — one of the S’ biggest weaknesses.

The new Models will get a D on the end, and there will be three configurations, the 60D and the 85D, along with a top of the line P85D, reports USA Today in a story that was published ahead of the event, then pulled shortly before it began. The P85D starts going out to buyers in December, with the 60D and lower-end 85D going out in February.

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