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The Wristwatch and Omega Replica Watches of Today

Wrist watches are watches that have a strap or bracelet attached to them, and can be worn on the wrist. While some wrist watches only show the time, more sophisticated ones will show the date, year, day of the week, month, temperature, and even GPS location, wind strength or heart rate.  The wrist watch was invented in the 1900s and for a long time was worn just by women. A Brazilian aviator – Alberto Santos Dumont – asked Louis Cartier, a friend of his, to come up with a watch that would allow him to check the time yet allow use of both hands. Cartier came up with a prototype and named it the Santos watch. It went on sale in 1911 and became extremely popular during World War I when soldiers used them while in trenches.

John Harwood invented the self-winding system in 1923, and over the years the wrist watch became a status symbol instead of just a convenient way to check the time. Watches were bought not just because of their precision and convenience, but also for their looks. Many kinds of wrist watches are now sought as collectors’ items due to their looks, or the precision with which they tell the time, often going for huge amounts of money at auctions.  

The look of the wrist watch has also changed over the years. From simple pocket watches attached to ribbons, the watch went from being round in shape to more irregular shapes like rectangular or oval. The functionality of the wrist watch has also changed over the years as it is no longer just used to tell the time. Athletes have specialized watches that will track everything from heart rate to the distance they have run, divers can use their watches to tell the depth of their dive and watches now tell everything from the date and day to the temperature.  

Some of the more popular brands of wrist watches nowadays include Casio, and specifically their G Shock brand. Watches like G Shock include many of the popular functions, like telling the date, day, and time, as well as provide extra benefits, like withstanding shocks to the watches body. This makes them more durable and less likely to get damaged while in use. The G Shock Hybrid has a steel bracelet and is not only shock resistant, but also water resistant up to 200 meters, which makes it a great watch for daily wear.

Steve Nash will be appearing in the second ad campaign with sports commentator Ahmad Rashad. Raymond Weil has agreed to give $ 60,000 to the Steve Nash Foundation for his help in their ad campaign. Having someone who is famous always helps companies sell their products but with the Raymond Weil watches there have only been a select few people that have been signed for their ad campaigns. Consequently, next time you see Steve Nash when he is not playing as an NBA player, watch to see if he is wearing one of these famous watches. at this time, you need to know more about the watches themselves and why they are becoming popular with so many different people.

Replica Omega Aquaterra Railmaster for men are a popular jewelry accessory. Replica Omega Museum Collection come in all sorts of styles and a wide variety of prices. Choose the proper wristwatch to say to the world that your time is an important commodity.

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