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The top luxury watches in world

Maybe you think, buy a ten thousand watch, it might as buy a mid-range sedan. If you have more money, buy a Porsche 911 to buy a ride in the Ferrari F430 car … … advanced in love may make you more attractive, and watches, but they can make between your hands to show success mystery.

Vacheron Constantin: a manifestation of power and privilege

VC specializes in the manufacture complex mechanical watches. Especailly in the craft of case and movement is extremely well, its VC’s Malte hollow watch is more like works of art. The more sophisticated design is Jumpinghour, show the time in 12 o’clock window, the half circle shows  minutes, known as the “jump watch.” It has also become a embodiment of powerful and luxury.

Patek Philippe: elite, rich symbol

PP is not famous at complex movement or gorgeous appearance, and even its men watch rarely use the shell or precious stones like diamonds, it always persist the self-movement and limited production. Tailored a PP need 8 to 10 years, need to spend about 30 million yuan. Its internal mechanical is complexity of extreme precision and carved finely in subtlety: the connection hand-polished, edges, beautiful round texture on movement. Favored By the nobility and the rich. Patek The Average retail price of Philippe is among 13,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars.

Audemars Pigeut: Royal men smell

The most classic model of AP is “Royal Oak”, the eight angles has eight decorative screws, is very masculine. AP diamonds are selected carefully, then meticulously inlaid by experienced craftsmen. It always been well received by the respected watch connoisseurs and collectors, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger is AP’s loyal fans.

Breguet, uncommon innovation and invention

BG’s design and watches are pluralism, its founder Breguet has too much original invention, from 1780 the automatic watch to tourbillon watch, and the world’s first anti-shock and ultra-thin gold case, it recognized and favored by the European nobility. For those who prefer seek innovation from the similar world, it’s more suitable for them.

IWC: mechanical masculinity type

Insist to masculinity, replace part of the man-made to machine for creating more precise components, and then composed by the class masters to a exceptional quality table. It’s classic style, such as Da Vinci, Portuguese and Portofino insidiously show their imposing manner. Diamagnetic, diving, calendar, each technical is excellence and practical. IWC customers must have a keen interest in the technology. It mainly as the circular case, following the large dial, it’s ideal for the men in IT industry or engineering. The mainstream price of IWC is in the 5-digit, sometimes it lauched the watch worth of hundred thousands.

Cartier: Women’s fashion darling

Cartier highly popular by fashionable women. It cooperated with “Patek Philippe” “Vacheron Constantin” “Audemars Piguet,” “Jaeger LeCoultre” and other brands, and received the advantages from them in function, style, technology and other aspects, but it always won by its creative ideas and Wonderful process. Its price is also very different, the most cheap is the stainless Tank series: Cartier Tank Americaine Watches, and Cartier Tank Americaine Watches, and the Cartier Tank Francaise Watches and so on, they just about 3 million, the expensive ranging from ten thousands to millisons. 

Piaget: patrician rich women chasing for it

PIAGET use a large number of diamonds and precious stones, it even established own casting gold factory, and is generous to marketing strategy so resulting in high prices. All of its Case and watch bracelets are made by 18K gold or platinum. PIAGET is not good at movement, but it pay effort to the design and materials in the shell, and that’s extravagant, so it becomes the rich woman to show off their capital. The sales of PIAGET in China is rather more practical, just 20 thousand then you can have one.

Jaeger-Le Coulter: technology-based temperament

JLC is famous of its pure mechanical movement, 101 movement is the world’s smallest purely mechanical movement. Its Movements are extremely diverse, especially the high-grade movement, many brands’ high-end watch movements come from it. The Anti-Shock and impact resistant flip watch is one classic series of JLC. On the technical side, it seems more masculine than the IWC.

Rolex: successful people and the nouveau riche loved

Perhaps Rolex is your most familiar watch brand. In the international market, a common Rolex sale from $ 1,000 to 15,000 dollars. Rolex watch Never manufacturs complex functions, although it’s expensive, but durable and accurate, added the active second-hand market and very good hedge against inflation rates.Its Solemn style and practical is popular by success person. However maybe its high brand recognition, many upstart also love it so much.

Irard-Perregaux: good assistance of investors

Irard-Perregaux are one of few manufacturers can self design and produce movement in Swiss. Most Irard-Perregaux watches have stainless steel, rose gold, gold and platinum versions; all watch shell are equipped with sapphire crystal glass case. In the bottom of watch engraved with “PIECE UNIQUE” in English, waterproof to 30 meters. The interior not only have 24 countries time and four major international stock exchange’s business hours. So you know the reason why people like it now!

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