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The most beautiful designs for Emporio Armani watches

Giorgio Armani began his career in fashion as a window dresser in Milan, and after becoming a buyer for the menswear department there found his skills were very much in demand and began designing his own collections, which now include companies such as Armani SpA and Emporio Armani.  The Armani Empire has expanded to include not only apparel, but perfumes, cosmetics, Emporio Armani watches, home décor and even hotels.  Armani himself has been quoted as saying, “I love things that age well – things that don’t date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best.”  This is echoed in the classical Italian style of Giorgio Armani’s designs, which have been noted for their ability to simultaneously look both relaxed and ultra chic.  Armani’s designs have appeared in numerous promotional advertisements, endorsed by celebrities such as Megan Fox, David Beckham and Richard Gere, who appeared in the 1980 film American Gigolo, for which Armani designed the costumes.  Armani costume design also appeared in the 1987 film The Untouchables.

Giorgio Armani’s mission: to make the previously elite world of fashion and design more fluid, relaxed and accessible while still remaining elegantly modish,  is also reflected in the designs for Emporio Armani watches.  Following the opening of two stores in Manhattan in 1996 –one a four storey flagship store of the brand, another an Emporio Armani store –Armani watches made their debut.  The initial designs for Emporio Armani watches were a subtle yet highly effective mix of classical Italian style and fashion-forward thinking.  Designs for Men’s Armaniwatches such as the classic AR0181 design with its bold square dial and robust, stainless steel design, developed quicker than the designs for women’s Armani watches, however the collection for women’s Emporio Armani watches expanded in 2008 to include newer designs which were distinctively feminine in design, featuring both bracelet and bangle models with gold coloured, silver or mother of pearl dials.  The collection for women’s Armani watches developed further in 2009 to include ultra modern designs such as the AR5778, which comprised of a single piece of moulded resin featuring the famous Armani eagle in contrasting black resin.  The dial itself was embedded in the bangle.  Crossover designs for women’s Armani watches combining elements of jewellery design with design for timepieces were a continuing theme for women’s Emporio Armani watches from the early days of designs for Emporio Armani watches.

Emporio Armani watches -both women and men’s Armani watchesalike- are what some would consider investment time pieces.  Armani’s dedication to creating designs which are classical yet contemporary is embodied in the designs for Emporio Armani watches, which have in recent years have seen a change in design from the more traditional Armani watches with their rectangular or square faces, to watches featuring circular dials, a trend which is predicted to become a predominant feature for Armani watches in future collections.


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