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The classic IWC Da Vinci watches

We all know there are one famous watch brand called “IWC”, but fewer people know what its full name. Yes, I don’t know it untill today.

 The full name of IWC is International Watch Company. It was founded in 1868, so it have 142 years’ history today. The founder of IWC is the American engineer, Florentine A. Jones, he established the first watch making factory nearby the Rhine river, and complished his dream: Using machine to finish some refined watch parts replaced of work, and then assembled by the experienced watch masters.

If you know the IWC watches, you may know its famous Da Vinci series watches, which gain the “Century famed watch” honor. This is the exclusive fame for IWC, other famous watches like the TAG Heuer Monaco Watches, or the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Watches, they may never gain it.

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IWC watches are famous for their excellent workmanship & superiority in cutting edge timekeeping. Having extended its premises, IWC Schaffhausen has created contemporary and luxurious timepieces that differ from much of the competition.

IWC’s mentality can soon attract an observer’s eye, which is the uniquness of the company.

The history of the IWC Company is quite unusual. An American ingeneer, Florentin Ariosto Jones, established the watchmaking factory in Schaffhausen on the pattern of the American one. He got his horological education in the United States where the belt system with replacement parts was introduced.

As Ariosto Jones didn’t manage to found his Company in the Jura region, he decided to choose another location with plenty of rivers.

He meant to use water energy to put his machines in motion.

The IWC Company has always been very attentive to any kind of innovations. That’s why it was one of the first watch companies to reach the extreme success of precise wristwatches and start their production. Remarkable collection One of the most remarkable IWC watch collections is called da Vinci. The great inventor was a source of inspiration for one of the four main watch lines of the IWC Company. It’s not by chance that IWC chose da Vinci name for its timepieces.

A lot of mechanical devices and theoretical principles created by da Vinci provided the basis for modern timepieces. Da Vinci watch collection appeared when quartz timepieces became extremly popular and the Japanese watch export to Europe seemed to be unstoppable. However, IWC’s designers and ingineers developped legendary da Vinci Chronograph which was considered to be a break for the trend for electronic devices in the field of watchmaking. Da Vinci watch collection has got a number of common features. The bezel of the da Vinci timepiece seems to be consisting of two round rims, while the cylindrical winding crown got vertical engrailments.

The highly detailed seconds scale and slim hands with a ring are another characteristic features of da Vinci timepiece. Simple alternative An IWC replica Da Vinci Dual Time watch is a good purchase available at a fraction of the cost.  It preserves all the genuine design peculiarities of the IWC da Vinci timepiece.

The IWC watches is made only of high quality materials using the latest scientific technologies at its production. The case of the timepiece is made of Swiss stainless steel to guarantee its maximum durability. The dial of the watch is protected by mineral crystal glass.

This sort of glass is more resistant to shocks and scratches than simple one. High precision of time measurement is provided by a reliable Japanese automatic movement. Our catalog features a wide range of replica watches, appreciated for their top quality and affordable price. You can find any possible timepiece to your taste or to the taste of your friend or colleague.

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