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The Best Selling White G-Shock Watches

It looks like white is the new black if the escalating popularity of the white G-Shock watches are anything to go by and it’s not hard to see why. These watches certainly stand out, but in a good way, and they look great on everyone.

While still a testament to the g-shock label, these watches are rugged, durable and battle armor ready, so don’t be fooled by the color. The white does not make them any less indestructible or invincible and they still keep accurate time, are water resistant, have alarms and all that cliché stuff. What makes these watches stand out in a class of their own is the clean, classy, sexy look of their stunningly white vibrant bands, oh and some cool extra features to boot.

Let’s take a look at the best selling white g-shock watches currently in high demand.

DW6900NB-7: This watch will probably forever be known best as the Eminem watch. It featured prominently on the rapper’s wrist in Dr. Dre’s music video ‘I Need a Doctor’ and has since had a huge cult following. In complete contrast to the standard black watch and white face, this metallic white resin banded beauty has a black mirror dial and blue backlight with afterglow.

GW6900A-7: This is one of the atomic watches which means it will automatically calibrate regularly using radio signals from one of six transmission stations around the world. No matter what time zone you’re in, it will always be the right time. It’s perfect for those frequent travelers and since it runs on solar power, batteries-be-gone.

GA100A-7A: This sophisticated white g-shock with an analog and digital display and an x-large face would make a great gift for a techy. With a white face, anti-magnetic ability and speed calculator functionality, what gadget loving person wouldn’t love this?

GA110C-7A: Another member of the XL series, an ana-digi and also magnetic resistant, this big, bold, beautiful, commanding tank of a watch is probably what you’d imagine a stormtrooper would wear. What’s really cool about this is the way you can set it to light up the face when you turn your wrist to look at it. How’s that for no hands?

GD100NS-7: This is a limited edition one, so if you’re smitten with one of these babies, and why wouldn’t you be? Better get yours quick. This is pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester’s watch, literally. He’s on collaboration with this bad boy. Stunning and magnificently pimping, the watch flaunts Sylvester’s signature and year of birth. Enough to make any collector giddy with delight.

This is just a handful of the hot new white g-shocks currently out there, but a good sample nonetheless for those with white g-shock fever.

Blake Jensen is a watch connoisseur, collector and long-time enthusiast. For a closer look at even more white g-shock watches visit his site, White G-Shock. There you’ll find more information on each of the watches including an in-depth look at the DW6900NB-7 or Eminem G-shock.

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