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The Attractive Spy Watch

4GB 1280×960 Waterproof Spy Watch Digital Video Recorder with Hidden Camera is such an amazing product especially for the secret agents. It is designed to work secretly without being noticed by the others. The hidden camera is installed on the dial of this watch and it has very small undetectable size but still giving the quality images. This spy watch has high resolution capacity, 1280×960 for the videos and 1600×1200 for the photos. It has inbuilt microphone so you will not need to attach an external microphone for recording the sound which might be difficult in the spy field. You can use this spy watch for recording the sound up to the range of 3 meter without any problem. It supports AVI file format for the videos and JPEG file format for the pictures. You can use your computer to change the file format according to your preferences but these file formats are supported in most of the digital devices.

Spy watch will be very helpful even if you are not a secret agent. You can capture pictures or videos of some events that will be used as strong evidence. Spy watch has got inbuilt Li-ion rechargeable with great working ability. Overall durability is long and it is designed to tolerate normal physical stresses. Waterproof feature is one of the most important features included in this spy watch so that one should never get to worry about the rain or if liquid spill on it. Its dimension is 0.8×0.2 inch (L×W) that will perfectly fit around the wrist and that will also provide an elegant appearance. This spy watch has been constructed by using plastic that is very tough. For the convenience of transferring videos and photos there is high speed of USB port. There have been some extra advantages of using this spy watch such as: use it in security, business, media, tourism, media, health care etc.

Spy watch has got very nice and easy functioning system so that one can operate it easily without facing any problem. This is one of greatest accessories to capture very rare scenes and events that cannot be captured by pressing the switch because those are very instantaneous. The watchband of this spy watchis very strong and comfortable to wear. Since the watch is lightweight you will always want to keep it with you. The reasonable price is one of the nicest aspects of this awesome product.

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