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St. Charles Lexus dealer watches Lexus steal the 2010 SEMA show

The 2010 SEMA Show is among the hottest events for automakers this year. Lexus is planning to solidify its stranglehold on the segment this year by flaunting some of its more fuel efficient rides. There isn’t much else that a luxury manufacturer can do to differentiate itself; the abundance of integrated technologies has been adopted into most platforms across the segment. On top of that, powerful cars have become the mainstay for luxury cars. Your St. Charles Lexus dealer understands that fuel economy has taken the driver’s seat for the luxury segment, if not for the entire industry, and it’s doing everything within its power to get the lead out. One of the biggest feature cars at this year’s show is the CT 200h, a car that combines the luxury and power of other cars in the segment with the fuel efficiency you might expect out of a Toyota model. St. Charles Lexus GX models are destroying the market, so we expect to see many of those featured at this prominent show as well. In the end, expect a lot of interest to be drummed up as a result of the new fuel efficient engine platforms.

One of the big cars to be featured will be a concept. The CT200h F concept car is a five door premium compact hybrid that has an estimated EPA rating of 42 miles per gallon. That’s pretty spectacular for a luxury car, and your St. Charles Lexus dealer is excited to see the brand put this model into action. Lexus is teasing this one as “just the tip of the iceberg,” which means we’ll definitely be seeing a car that puts the concept into action in the coming years. Regardless, it will be a fun car for the brand to feature, and I expect there will be a huge media uproar over it when the show is over. St. Charles Lexus GX dealers are also really excited to see the HS 250h in action, which is a modified version of existing Lexus models. It’s an extraordinarily green car, and we won’t offer too many details on this one until the show is done. It’s great to see all these green cars coming out of the Lexus lineup. We expect that the Lexus lineup is going to sweep the interest of the media at the show this year. This will be a great way for the brand to establish itself as one of the top luxury contenders.

The growing interest in green cars was spurred on by the economy. Automakers weren’t putting much effort into making fuel efficient cars, but when the industry aesthetic did begin to change, your St. Charles Lexus dealer was on top of it. We still haven’t seen the end of the green revolution, and the new line of electric cars that will be hitting the market soon is sure to inspire St. Charles Lexus GX dealers to join in the melee. When will we see an electric Lexus? It could be soon.

Eddie Sherman is a blogger and auto enthusiast who writes about the best luxury cars. His articles feature information on St.Charles Lexus dealer for St. Charles Lexus GX drivers.

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