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SKX173 Dive Watches for Men by Seiko Review

The Seiko SKX173 Automatic Dive Urethane Strap Watch is the hottest of the best dive watches available in the market today.The SKX173 is easy to read. It will make sure that you always have the time at a glance. It’s because Seiko SKX173 have the white-colored hands & markers on the flat black background. It is also 21-jewel automatic winding wristwatch. What is so good about winding functions is, this wristwatch will keep working when you wear it or during every day activities such as working or driving a vehicle. This wristwatch doesn’t have battery, and no need to get worried about dead wristwatches due to the fact it will keep moving as long you use. Count on me! This vintage style Seiko dive wristwatch also got functions such as the scratch-resistant hardlex crystal clear crystal, light case, quick to read bar indicators, and lumibrite technology display that makes this watch very easy to read no matter if on dark or during you scuba diving within the deep sea. The Seiko SKX173 also looks excellent for everyday wear, besides for scuba diving activites.

Regardless of whether you are the diver or not, you need to consider a look at the water resistance of the watches. Water-resistance ratings are listed in specified absolute depths, normally in meters. The depth ranking basically represents the final results of tests conducted in a stress chamber, and not real-world sea depths. This watches tested to 200 meters and fulfills all ISO specifications. If you are still determining what one divers wristwatch you should pick, then the Skx173 is the good choice !.

And also the watch looks is stylish , one of the reason why consumers really like about Skx173 is the comfort and sturdiness. Primarily this comes from the urethane strap which feels fantastic on the skin and is best for scuba diving. Let’s have a glance at the Seiko SKX173 features.

The Skx173 Features :-
Japanese kinetic motion
Case is stainless steel
Outer body is made from strong hardlex crystal that shields the wristwatch from scratches
Day/Date functions
Winding functions
Waterproof up to 600 ft or about 200 metres
Urethane strap

What exactly is so superb about Seiko Divers Wrist watches Seiko Skx173 :
The Skx173 is not my 1st Seiko watch. My first watch is Swiss. I have run with it, swam with it and doing many activities with this wristwatch. The night time luminosity is outstanding! In almost any level of conditions, the matte black color dial with crystal clear, tasteful luminous markers and different hands.

One of the classic and attractive feature of diver timepieces is the rotator passed time bezel. If you like the countdown timer feature on your digital watch, this rotater simply performs the same thing in an analogue approach. Just turn the 0 indicator to the present position of the minute. Certainly , there is also an a type of this elapsed time ring in red-colored from zero to twenty seconds and blue from twenty to 60 seconds. If you want a somewhat different dive watches look, there are replacement rotators thay you can find on websites. Skx173 is the very best dive wristwatch available.

I adore the styling, procedure and watch quality. The watches strap is made out of durable polyurethane strap that is twenty two cm long and it is black color,water resistant, held in place by heavy duty, industrial strength spring pins, makes a superb looking match with this classy look wristwatch. After putting on this wristwatch for a while the band seemed to mold by itself to the size and form of my arm. It just sort of makes itself at home on your arm. I can’t say anything bad regarding this timepiece.All in all, an superb wristwatch and an outstanding value. I would highly suggest this watches to anyone looking for a classic diver’s that will be a best time partner in your regular life.

Fantastic looks, functionality and an excellent value.Now I got my qualification of diving school. I will put on this wristwatch as an everyday watches as well as a dive watch.

In conclusion, I really love the Skx173. For all those that are looking for a sturdy dive watch, the Seiko Dive Watches SKX173 is the best watch when you want to diving depth range, excellent looks, durability and affordable price. Regardless of whether you are a diver or not, you will love the strong features that will keep this wristwatch in good shape for a long time.

The Seiko SKX173 Automatic Dive Urethane Strap Wristwatch is cool looking, highly quality dive watch. If your shopping for a nice looking dive watch that isn’t too steeply priced, this is almost certainly the watch for you.Seiko is a very well recognised brand who don’t make cheap quality designer watches, so you will you have to get this watch.

The SKX173 is the best dive wristwatches ever.It can be a great birthday present or Christmas present for anyone. Get Seiko SKX173 here.

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