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Six Movado Watches with Minimalist Flair

We often hear that America is the land of opportunity, and the same could be said of Switzerland, if you happen to know how to make watches. The Swiss dominate the watch industry so completely that many upstarts claim to be from there just to get their foot in the door. What makes them so special?

Switzerland was the first country to establish a watchmaker’s guild in the city of Geneva in 1601. Their standards were ridged and uncompromising, which is why Swiss watches were considered the best. After more than four centuries, their commitment to quality and craftsmanship has never wavered. Even in the digital era when other devices keep accurate time, Swiss watches continue to sell well.  In fact, they are selling better than ever.

Swiss watchmakers increased the value of their exports by over 20 percent last year, proving that consumers are still willing to pay for quality. Few global industries boast such rosy prospects for the future, especially one that is more than four hundred years old. Today we will review six popular timepieces from a true Swiss original…Movado.

A legendary name in the history of timekeeping, Movado has been around for well over a century.  Its most famous models are considered classics and remain top sellers many decades after they were first introduced. Let us begin with their most famous timepiece.

The Museum Watch

 Movado wouldn’t be Movado without the Museum Watch. Though the company was well known and respected at the time it was introduced in 1947, it was not internationally known. Designed by artist Nathan George Horwitt, the Museum Watch drew rave reviews from lovers of modern art.  Its elegant simplicity and minimalist design set it apart from any other watch of its time, which is why it was the first wristwatch to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art. It remains the company’s bestselling timepiece. But even more importantly, the distinctive design has been used in dozens of other Movado models. The single gold dot at the 12 o’clock hour that represents the sun and the moving watch hands that symbolize the rotating earth is the company’s most identifiable watch dial.


Admirers of the Museum Watch wanted a sportier, more casual model that could be worn at work or at play, and they got just that with the Luno. Though the watches feature the same design, the Luno has gold watch hands, instead of silver, and its watch band is made from stainless steel, instead of black leather.  It is marketed as a more contemporary timepiece.

Amorosa Watch

Less they be accused of being too masculine, the company also designs a full line of watches for women. The Amorosa Watch is an elegant accessory that was made for formal occasions. It features the inimitable Museum Watch black dial, a stainless steel case and a silver-tone bracelet. The dramatic dial is protected by a durable sapphire crystal window that is safe in up to 99 feet of water.  It is powered by accurate and reliable Swiss-quartz technology.

Junior Sport Watch

Like the others, the Junior Sport Watch features Movado’s signature Museum Watch black dial. Unlike the aforementioned, it truly is a sports watch designed to be taken outdoors. The case, bezel and bracelet are brushed stainless steel. The sapphire crystal watch is scratch-resistant and can be taken to depths of up to 99 feet. One new design feature is the double-locking clasp, which provides a comfortable and secure fit for active wearers.

ESQ Folio

Timepieces in this collection do not feature the classic Museum Watch dial. Their large round dials have silver-tone hour indices and handsome date windows at the six o’clock hour. There are three silver watch hands that are protected by a stainless steel watch case. The black strap is genuine leather and the timepieces are powered by Swiss-quartz movement.  Both men’s and women’s models have a water resistance of up to 99 feet (30 meters). Simple, understated elegance and quality materials make this the perfect timepiece for both business and casual wear.

Series 800

Watches in Movado’s popular Series 800 are chronographs, which is means they were designed for activity.  Three striking subdials work as stopwatches to measure time in minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds. These models are popular with runners, swimmers and other competitive athletes or weekend warriors. The sturdy stainless steel case and bracelet are as attractive as they are strong. Other features include a scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal watch cover and a screw down crown for added security and protection. These watches are safe in up to 200 meters (600 feet) of water, which makes them ideal for recreational scuba diving.

Movado offers a full line of stylish and sophisticated timepieces that can be worn indoors or out.  

Matt Eltringham is a freelance writer who writes about jewelry, watches and specific brands such as Movado.

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