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Shopping for the Ideal Smokeless Cigarettes

It’s never too late quit smoking.  In fact within minutes of the last cigarette the body starts repairing the damage done by cigarettes over the years.  As early as 20 minutes of quitting smoking one’s blood pressure drops and within half a day the levels of carbon monoxide in the body fall.  Within 3 months of quitting smoking, the lung function improves and within a year one’s immunity is back to normal with the body being able to clear infection more easily.  Five years after quitting the habit, the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke are close to that of a non-smoker.  So suffice it to say that there are millions of reasons to quit.  If quitting is challenging it is no surprise as nicotine does quite a number on the pleasure receptors in the brain.

Nicotine replacement therapies or smoking cessation methods are a popular choice rather than cold turkey.  Neither method is fool proof by any means.  The newest method available in the market for nicotine replacement is smokeless cigarettes.  The best electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes should be chosen to maximize one’s chances of success. The criteria that determine the best electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes are how closely the smokeless cigarettes are able to simulate the smoking experience.  This includes the nicotine delivery, the glowing of the lit end of the cigarette when a puff is taken and the feel of the e cigarette between the pointer and middle finger.  When you buy best electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes it should be able to deliver all of the above features to truly satisfy the smoker.

The e cigarette starter kit prepares the e cig smoker for the e cig experience when you choose the best electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes.  This choice will also determine the kind of starter kit that will be purchased.  The starter kit contains the basics of e cig smoking which a glorified humidifier is hooked up to a liquid nicotine cartridge.  The best electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarettes should also be based on the e liquid or e juice choices available.  The e juice cartridge is the substance of the device which provides both the nicotine and the flavor component.  This flavor component is presented in a wide range of options which may over time even replace the need for nicotine.

Nicotine replacement systems have come a long way and so has the Best Electronic Cigarette or Smokeless Cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are in their fourth generation model providing a smooth draw for smokers between the cartridge and the mouthpiece. A popular vendor is

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