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Shopping For Outdoor Woks?

A wok is defined as a large pan with a convex base which is used to stir-fry food and is typically used for oriental cooking in the Asian world. Years ago in the South-West US, campers and hunters used woks for grilling food. Fast forward to today and you will find that outdoor woks are again becoming increasingly popular among picnickers, campers and barbecue lovers.

Woks are overtaking the popularity of barbecue grills as they are useable in preparing all sorts of outdoor foods, frying meats, and cooking breakfast, stews, pasta, rice and popcorn etc – the list is endless. Woks were conventionally used with campfires but the need for convenience and environmental awareness today seems to be dictating the widespread use of propane burners.

You can depend on woks to promote healthy cooking. The sides allow you to cook greasy/oily foods as their excess fat will collect at the middle of the pan. The middle section can at the same time be used to prepare rice, pasta, popcorn and the like.

Outdoor Woks are mainly made from steel/iron. Iron woks are subjected to several treatments to ensure that they last long, and to make cooking and cleaning easier. A good iron wok appears gray in color when new. This is because it is subjected to sandblasting whose aim is to remove surface impurities and also provide for a smooth surface. Another treatment is seasoning and it is done to preempt the development of rust. This is why a new woks surface tends to be oily as it has a thin oil layer which protects it from oxidation.

Woks need not just come as a plain cooking surface – how about one that is aesthetically appealing? You can find a wok with artistic handles featuring nice logos and texts. The market also has outside woks that come full with a propane grill. The grill might be a tabletop or self supporting type, with the latter sporting casters for easier mobility. The grill and wok can also be customized with your initials and/or logos, or even feature other designs that are very appealing such as the Bucking Horse, US Marine Corps etc.

Exposing outdoor woks to the elements expedites the development of rust and hence it is advisable to always maintain a light vegetable oil coat on the surface after cleaning the wok. Speaking of cleaning, it is prudent to clear any debris left after cooking while the wok is still hot otherwise it will be difficult to do so later on. The use of soap should also be avoided as iron has tiny pores which can accumulate the soap and the chemicals will subsequently affect the foods taste. You should just use hot water to clean and rinse woks.

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