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For many women, their interest falls on natural organic cosmetics and organic skin care products.

Most of us never realize the hazards of using common beauty products, especially skin care products. Most of the common brands contain carcinogens that cause cancer and other harmful chemicals, and we happened to apply them on our skin, our largest body organ. Studies have found out that 60% of the harmful chemicals in beauty products that are applied on the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream.

We are killing ourselves slowly by putting into our body these harmful substances from the beauty products that we use. But with natural products now available, every woman can pick the alternative to the regular brand that she is using.

Using natural organic cosmetics and organic skin care products can help reduce the risk of harmful chemicals from entering our body. These chemicals dry our skin by removing moisture from it. Many eco-friendly products contain pure plant extracts and oils to nourish the skin, making it to look healthy.

Don’t be misled by brands labeled as “natural” or “organic”. Many “natural” products often use synthetic preservatives and other unnatural ingredients. For a product to be truly natural, its ingredients should be in its original state, haven’t been changed, and no other substances have been added or subtracted form it. Don’t be deceived by false marketing claims.

Organic beauty products are a great value for money, as many companies place high premiums on health. And there is more to that. Natural products are not tested on animals, and its packaging has the universal recycling symbol on the label. Natural products should also label all natural products used in the manufacturing processes.

If you are keen in finding out whether the product you are buying is truly organic, you should check out on the company. Visit their website or Google their name, and browse the company’s history, industry background, and work record. See how their reputation as a company stands out.

Show your concern for the environment. By using best organic skin care products, not only can you look good, but feel good about what you put into your body.

Author’s Profile: Sven Camencia has worked for various networking agencies specializing in selling natural organic cosmetics, organic foods and natural food supplements. He is also a businessman, lecturer and freelance writer.

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