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Shopping for Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Nothing quite tops a Grand Canyon heli trip of the National Park. Flights really are a thrill a minute and take you to locations where few folks have ever gone before. Helping you get the journey of your desires, I’ve written this particular rapid post comparing these types of incredible air tours.

You will find two types of heli trips, ones that travel over the Grand Canyon and ones that land. Listed here are details:

Air-only tours take you over crucial parts of the canyon before returning to the originating airfield. Expect to spend as much as 45 minutes hovering over the Park. West Rim flights are allowed to go beneath the rim, whilst South Rim flights are prohibited from doing that.

Sights you are able to expect to see on West Rim air trips incorporate Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam Bypass, the Hoover Dam, a Joshua Tree Forest, the Colorado River, Guano Point, Eagle Point and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

South Rim tourist attractions incorporate the Kaibab Plateau, the North Rim, Grand Canyon Village, Phantom Ranch, the Colorado River and the Dragoon Corridor.

Landing trips fly exclusively from Las Vegas and only incorporate the West Rim. The choice is astounding and includes:

Land at Bottom. Features a 4,000-foot descent to base for Champagne Picnic

Land at Bottom, Boat & Skywalk. Take a Colorado River boat journey prior to walking the amazing Glass Bridge.

Land at Bottom & Raft Trip. After going through the base, head to the base of Hoover Dam for smooth-water float ride down the Colorado.

Rim Landing. Land at top of rim and spend several hours exploring Guano Point, Eagle Point, Hualapai Ranch and Indian Village.

Rim Landing & Skywalk. Deplane at Grand Canyon west for unlimited access to the Sky Walk, which lets you walk 70 feet beyond the edge!

The South Rim is 270-plus miles east of Vegas, putting it out of the range of choppers. Thus in case you want to fly this rim, you need to get to Grand Canyon National Park Airport, AZ.

In case you haven’t changed into being an web based shopper, get aboard now. This is in which the cost savings are. I consistently discover bargains that net me reductions as much as 35%. It’s not for sub-par seats. This is for premium flights for which the “other guy” merely paid out the nose. Simply put, complete the transaction on a tour operator’s website after which call them afterwards in the event you need assistance. This stops them from applying service charges and mark-ups.

I strongly suggest you reserve your chopper excursion three days prior to your preferred departure. These excursions are very popular and often sell out. The only travelers I know who obtain same-day seating are the ones traveling alone, and even then it’s a crapshoot. Do yourself a favor and reserve ahead of time.

I expect this assessment of Grand Canyon chopper excursions assisted you get closer to selecting the flight that is best suited for your requirements. Key point to remember is that landing excursions are just obtainable at the West Rim. This information at your fingertips, it’s time to get airborne. Here’s to having an excellent experience that you’ll take pleasure in for the rest of your life.

Mr. Plunket is a travel writer who covers all things Grand Canyon. He recommends readers click Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours to learn how to get these flights inexpensively.

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