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Shopping For Cheap Contacts The Smart Way

Shopping for cheap contacts without enough knowledge can lead to disaster. If you want to make sure you get the best possible price without sacrificing quality, it pays to educate yourself about common scams and deceptions in the marketplace, as well as learn the terminology that vendors use to describe their wares. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to choose a purchase that correctly suits your needs.

If you are buying prescription lenses, be aware that some vendors will be willing to sell to you without seeing proof of prescription. This is, in fact, illegal in the United States, and directly violates the rules of the Federal Trade Commission. In general, a company that is willing to engage in illegal activity is not one that you should trust to provide adequate goods, or to protect personal information like your credit card number, so steer clear of these kinds of merchants.

Know before you start shopping whether you want rigid gas lenses or soft lenses. Although the initial purchase price for soft lenses is often lower, over the long term it is less expensive to wear the rigid lenses, because they are durable and last for longer than their softer counterparts. There are substantial differences in how these two types feel to wear, because they have different amounts of water in their make-up, and are differently shaped, so they don’t fit the eye in the same way.

When you’re comparing prices on the same kind of lenses between merchants, make sure you factor in the cost of the shipping and handling. In an attempt to appear to be giving customers great deals, some vendors will price their lenses very low, but then once the customer gets to the checkout page there will be high shipping and handling fees, which is how the merchant makes a profit. Make sure you pay attention to these kinds of charges when you are shopping.

It’s smart to do some quick research about a website before you buy from them. Put the name of the merchant into a search engine and try to find customer reviews and testimonials. Before you give a company your credit card number and other personal information, try to discover some basic facts about their reputation. If you see complaints or find lots of stories of customers who have had problems with order fulfillment or product quality, take your business elsewhere.

Try to anticipate your need for contacts in advance. The more lead time you have before you need the lenses in your hand, the better the odds that you’ll be able to find a great deal. Not only will you have plenty of time to comparison shop between different websites, you’ll also minimize your shipping costs by not having to pay for overnight or rush shipping.

Protect yourself by knowing a merchant’s return policy before you spend your money. If you are shipped a damaged or defective lens, will you be able to return it at the merchant’s cost, or simply contact them for a replacement and throw away the flawed item? Will they charge you a service fee for replacement, even if the error is their fault and not yours? Be sure to read the fine print on the website about these issues before you decide who to buy from.

Shopping for cheap contacts isn’t difficult when you are armed with the information you need. Just because online lenses are less expensive than those at your local shop doesn’t mean they’re not the same brands or quality, but it is important to know you are buying from a reputable online vendor.

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