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Shop till You Drop at the Shopping Paradise Chatuchak, Bangkok

You must have familiar with the phrase ‘shop till you drop’. Well there’s a place on earth where that phrase actually comes alive. Once popular among only traders and wholesalers, Chatuchak Weekend Market has gradually earned its reputation and reached up to the level of a landmark status as a destination for tourists that is a must-visit. Its diverse collections and sheer size of merchandise is bound to bring all you seasoned shoppers to your knees. Millions of people from all around the world make sure to take a trip down this weekend market for an experience that is surely to last in your memory. Become a part of this enchanting shopping Mecca and book flights to Bangkok to experience premier class trip all the way.

Situated in Bangkok, Chatuchak weekend market is by far the largest market in Thailand. It is widely acknowledged for being a shopping area where one can purchase almost anything. Home to over 8000 market stalls, this place runs over 35-acre of land. Sifting through the goods being offered, more than 200,000 people visit Chatuchak on a typical weekend.

Even though not all commodities are available at most excellent bargain rates, experienced shoppers would agree to the fact that just about everything offered here is on sale. Say you had one weekend at Bangkok, it is highly recommended to squeeze in a visit to Chatuchak weekend market for a day to witness the ultimate shopping experience. It is safe to say that you will not get disappointed.

As one begins to explore the weekend market, it is hard not to get amazed by the sheer amount of variety available merchandize, whether it’s a vintage pair of levis jeans, a Moroccan lamp, a python on the more exotic side or an marvelous antique wooden chest. Chatuchak has it all, a destination that has something to offer to everyone. Browsing through this market is a incredible cultural experience yet can be exhausting and hot at the same time. it is advisable to start the day early and take benefit of the various cafes and bars situated with the market that are set up perfectly for visitors watching over a refreshing, cold beverage. Placed at the entrance of the market, the snack stalls offering deep fried insects provide you with a taste of the much unique Thai treats if you are daring enough.

‘Conquering’ Chatuchak weekend market may seem much of an impossible for first-timers but there is no reason to be concerned. An organized system has been established that will assist you navigate your way. Hiring a guide would be a wise thing to do so that you can make most out of this day trip.

If you can vision it, Chatuchak weekend market probably has it. A weekend trip to this brilliant place is an absolute must do. A visit to Bangkok will not be complete without getting a taste of this amazing landmark. Whether you want to shop for loved ones back home or yourself, you will not find a place open to such amounts of bargaining. Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in the heavenly shopping experience at this remarkable destination.

Angela Burnell is a article writer who writes on spectacular shopping destinations around the world.So be ready for shopping and get your cheap flights to Bangkok.

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