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Rolex Watches of 2011

Rolex is a name known to all when it comes to luxury watch making. It is one of the most prestigious brands in the world and there are various levels of replicas available for those who cannot afford the extravagant prices of the original models.

Brand history

The history behind the Rolex watches is interesting. Hans Wilsdorf had started the original company along with his brother in law. Started in London, they originally assembled Swiss movements and placed them in high quality watch designs and models. The trademark of Rolex watch design was invented in 1908 and after that, the company moved to Switzerland.

The brand has a high production rate, about two thousand watches being produced every day. There are various collections amongst Rolex watches, but every collection revolves around three primary models – the DateJust, the Daytona, Yachtmaster, Explorer and Special Edition watches.

There are various collections to be found amongst Rolex watches and there are new ones being added every other year. From Rolex watches dedicated to various sports, celebrities, women and profession, there is a myriad choice to select from.

Baselworld 2011

If you look at the Baselworld 2011 designs of Rolex watches, you will find many that will catch your fancy. Take for instance the Yachtmaster II. Made for the racing waters of regatta wars, the unique chronograph movements of this style of watches are perfect for the seasoned sails men. This latest design comes in steel and everose gold and is a handsome watch to possess.

The new Explorer II series is again for the land explorer with new features. The watch comes in 42 mm, has a 24 hour hand shaped like an arrow and orange in color like the 1971 model. It also consists of the latest movement called caliber 3187 and has Paraflex technology shock absorbers, non magnetic hairspring features to provide it with hardened resistance to rough travel conditions.

When it comes to the new Cosmograph Daytona watch, it comes with a cerachrom bezel and has wide number hands and dial surface t o promote easy readability. The latest style amongst Rolex watches which are made for the racing sports, this is a must have for all the celebrity car drivers out there.

The Special Edition amongst the Baselworld 2011 collection of Rolex watches consist of sensuous designs such as the Datejust Special Edition, perfect for ladies set in 18 ct Everose gold.

If you look at the Lady DateJust series, you will want one for the special lady in your life for sure. The new model amongst this range of Rolex watches comes with diamonds encrusted bezel and case and strap made of gold and steel combination.

Thus, Rolex watches have always been exclusive and their latest collection helps them maintain their number one position in luxury watches this year still.

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