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Rolex Watches At Stein Diamonds

The name Rolex is one that is synonymous with quality craftsmanship. The company was founded by Swiss watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf in the early twentieth century back when everyone was wearing a pocket watches. The wristwatches of the time period were often crude and not very reliable. Mr. Wilsdorf was certain he could improve on the current design easily. He believed he could create a simple yet elegant timepiece, one that would keep accurate time at all times. He also believed he could produce these watches inexpensively so that every man and woman that wanted one could own one.

So he started crafting his own timepieces. To solve the problem of reliability and accuracy, he designed very small and precise Swiss watch movements to install in them. Although it took some time to perfect his design, he started producing Rolex watches around 1910. They proved to be a sensation almost overnight. People fell in love with the accuracy and the simple but beautifully designed faces.

By concentrating their efforts on the quality of the movement inside the watch, Rolex not only eliminated most of the early problems in wristwatches, but also set the standard for generations of watchmakers to come. In their early years, the company received several prestigious awards for accuracy in timekeeping, which up til then had been pretty much unheard of.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Rolex struck again with another innovation in the world of wristwatches. In 1931, Rolex produced the Oyster, the world’s first self winding wristwatch. This tiny self winding mechanism is designed around what is called a perpetual rotor. Now self winding wristwatches are pretty much the standard, but it was Rolex who pointed out the way there.

Every Rolex watch made is crafted with the finest materials available. They are painstakingly assembled by skilled craftsmen, most of whom have been doing this kind of thing all their lives. After that they are subjected to stringent quality assurance tests that measure their accuracy and durability. Combining the latest technological advances with the true beauty of Old World craftsmanship, a Rolex is truly a unique timepiece, and one to be carefully kept up and treasured.

If you decided that you wanted to own one of these beautiful timepieces you could do a lot worse than to do your shopping at Stein Diamonds, a name recognized for quality and reliability, as well as a discerning eye for beautiful masterpieces. This company offers a wide selection of both women’s and men’s Rolex wristwatches. You can view them on the company’s website.

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