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Rolex dial is the famous for every watch today watch are the basically use for two purposes other apparatus use this with time systems: one indicates the time of day, and the other measures for stopwatch function brief intervals of time system. With this we count registering seconds, minutes and even hours can be started and stopped as the use of this. If possible then we measure the exact duration of an event. There is every company use the variations on the manufacturing of watch. Styles watch with a center seconds hand which keeps time on the watch’s main American dial. Then the others use sub-dials to elapse the time, minutes, second and hour. There is others elapsed time on a digital dial display on the watch face. Rolex watch can be used as a lap timer and “split seconds hand”. Watch function in the stopwatch function will commonly use from 1/5th second to 1/100th second depending on the Rolex watch. Some company will measure the elapsed time up to twenty four hours. Watches which are including the chronograph function are themselves called “chronographs. “This is used in conjunction with the help of particular scales on the watch dial with this we can perform many different types and functions, which is determining speed or distance. There is same meaning the term “chronograph” with “chronometer.” Both are use for watch and refer to a timepiece, in this may be or may not have a chronograph function and use this technique that has met certain high standards of accuracy set by an official watch and medium watch.
Mostly type of watch like: inexpensive and medium-priced watches used mainly for timekeeping also use fashion trend the other electronic watches are use for this purpose. Women use for fashion purpose and collectible watches valued more for their official purpose and aesthetic for personality than for simple timekeeping; generally you have purely mechanical movements and are powered by springs, even though technical movements are less accurate than more affordable quartz movements. This age where addition to the time which is more important for every person, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year, and the electronic watches also  may have this type of and many other functions. Today every type of watch added the different function and that provide additional time-related features such as timers, and alarm functions are not uncommon.  Modern watch use the designs even go as far as using GPS technology or heart-rate monitoring capabilities.
There is every watches provide the time of day, giving information at least the hour and minute, and also the second time. Rolex watch also provide the current date, and often the day of the week as well.  Many watches also provide verity a great deal of information beyond the basics of time, month and date.  Watches include alarms like Rolex watch. Where in market expensive watches are also available, both pocket and wrist watch, so that the trend wears watch. There is bright feature of many watch companies and it is an essential characteristic of true clocks and distinguishes such watches from ordinary timepieces. This type of feature is more important for every digital watch.

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