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Two Analog Hour/Minute Displays on the Same Dial
Even though the minute is generally the same from time zone to time zone, certain watchmakers choose to display two complete time zones, with hour and minute hands. So it is with Oris and its Worldtimer movement. Developed on the foundation of an ETA movement, the mechanism provides for an hour/minute display at 3:00, with a day/night indicator. The ( date is linked to the central time zone, adjustable by + and – pushers by an hour at a time, and the date changes automatically in either direction when the hour crosses midnight. On the new model Oris BC4 Flight Timer, a second crown, vertically placed at 2:00, also controls the interior bezel that corresponds to a third time zonea concept borrowed from old airplane clocks. Among the notable novelties of 2008, Piaget’s Emperador Cushion Perpetual Calendar, equipped with the manufacture’s brand-new 855P caliber, presents an hour/minute second time-zone display on a subdial at 8:00 (see also the “Perpetual Calendars” chapter). Blancpain’s Women Time Zone displays an hour/minute second time zone at 12:00; its guilloch dial also displays a day/night indicator at 9:00, with fine engravings to represent a sun and a crescent moon surrounded by stars. The ( Lman Rveil GMT, also by Blancpain, combines in a single watch the two most useful complications for travelers (see also the “Alarm Watches” chapter). The subdial at 3:00 displays the home time. The alarm and the date are linked to the central display, used for local timea detail that would have spared Phileas Fogg the disappointment of thinking he had failed to go around the world in 80 days, when he had actually gained a day by traveling east! Another practical innovation: the watch’s automatic-winding mechanism simultaneously provides a power reserve to the alarm chime. More daring in its design, Maurice Lacroix’s Pontos Dcentrique GMT displays two complete time zones on two completely off-center subdials, one at 10:00 (with seconds), the other at 4:00. The ( second time zone is equipped with an original day/night indicator that takes the form of a disc with a strongly stylized sun and moon. Known for its glamorous creations, Jacob & Co has chosen to display five complete time zones at once on its H24 Five Time Zone Automatic, all powered by one automatic movement. The four supplementary time zones are accompanied by some of the jet set’s favorite citiesNew York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, etc. Four different pushers control the four supplementary time zones. Celebrating ten years of watchmaking in 2008, de GRISOGONO struck a blow for originality at that year’s BaselWorld Fair when it released a model called Meccanico dG. This watch’s uniqueness lies in its combination of an analog display for the first time zone with a digital display for the second, all thanks to an entirely mechanical movement consisting of no less than 651 components. The ( digital indication of the second time zone, which recalls the display boards in airports, is composed of mobile microsegments animated by a total of 23 discs.

Two Analog Hour/Minute Displays on Two Dials
Another possibility is the display of two complete time zones on two different dialson watches of unusual design. The ( champion of this is undoubtedly Jaeger-LeCoultre, who makes magnificent use of its famous reversible case, Reverso, created in 1932 for polo players. On its Reverso Duetto Duo, the Sentier manufacture offers two “back-to-back” dials that can display two complete time zonesa true feat, when one considers that the same movement must rotate the sets of hands in opposite directions. On the Reverso Grande GMT, endowed with an 8-day power reserve, the system is completed by two day/night displays; it also has a “GMT differential” indicator on one side, indicating the time difference between local time and Greenwich Mean Time, or another reference time. With its Altiplano Double Jeu, Piaget reinvents “secret” watches, offering two dials on two cases joined by a hinge and powered by the manufacture’s characteristic extra-flat movements. Van Cleef & Arpels also plays at mystery with its Secret Duo model: the richly decorated case hides two small drawers that reveal dials with hour/minute displays when opened. The ( jeweler-cum-watchmaker IceLink goes for extra-large bling on its 6Timezone Snow, with six small dials presenting four time zones, one powered by a mechanical movement and the rest in quartz. The fifth dial houses a calendar, and the sixth features diamond “snow” falling in a special liquid.

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