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Popular types of men?s watches

Nowadays there are million types of watches and brands that you can choose In fact there is such a great variety of styles and brands that often you can be confused when you want to buy a watch that will suit you the most. In case that you want to choose a watch and you are really confused which brand is the best or what color you want you will surely need guidance. In this article you can find some of the most popular types of watches which can help you to decide what is the best choice for you when you select watch.


Digital Watches


In last three to four decades digital watches have revolutionized the industry of watch manufacturing. In the 80s this type of watches has dominated the industry and the majority of watch users preferred to wear digital watch on their wrist. The reason was that the digital watch was one of the greatest innovations back then and everyone wanted to have one. But with as the time passed fashion changed once again and digital watches were replaced by the traditional watches once again. However digital watches still have their popularity at the market and a large number of people like this type of stuff in the range of watches for men (or as we say in Denmark Ure til mænd).


Sports Watches


Another big category of watches when we are talking about watches for men is sports watches. People prefer to wear this kind of watches in their spare time because it is comfortable. If you like sport, fitness or doing exercises a sport watch would be the best choice for you. When we are talking about sport we have to mention that there is specific need of some special type of facilities in your watch. And of course the different sports require different kind of watch. For example an athlete needs a precise stopwatch for his practice in running and assessing his stamina in running. Similarly a swimmer and diver needs a high quality water proof and big digit watch so they he can easily see the time span underwater. Considering the above discussion, sports watches are the best choice for sports men.


Leather Strap


These types of watch are mostly considered suitable for the young people who have to go for study in school or university. Adult and middle aged people don’t like to wear such type of watches. Often the watch is made of a big leather strap with a good looking dial. Its style resembles with the style of sports watch but it is different in strapping the watch.

Rough analog watches
This type of watches is preferred from people who have to do manual work in their daily life. Rough analog watches are mostly used by engineers or carpenters. Actually the design of this type of watches is so rough and strong that they can bear misuse. The durability of such watches is one of the best among all the others but their look is not so good or fashionable.
There are many other types of watches at the market but according to my opinion the watches for men listed above are best suited for all kind and age of men.

The Danish word for watches is billige ure and if you are looking for the best ones at the best prices, visit this website.

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