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Recommended Product: BT-AUDIO5.1 coaxial home theater. Participate in the price: 1780 yuan. Recommended reason: coaxial unit home theater, cheap, sound good, accurate positioning.

Background: As the world’s top speaker unit, coaxial unit has been called aristocratic luxury, although the sound natural, clear, but the price of people are prohibitive, a recommendation for you today Xiaobian price comparison smooth coaxial home theater, I believe that friends prefer the coaxial unit would like.

This greatly accelerates love HIFI audio coaxial line to find a small theater, and the first time to do the evaluation, to meet your desire to save money and value.

BT-AUDIO coaxial unit Beautiful performance of coaxial units are very powerful acoustic bass realistic cohesive energy density of large, transient can achieve better energy release; Alto sweet sounds of fullness; treble crystal clear, detailed full penetration .

BT-AUDIO coaxial small the satellites Dapper of the satellites, the black works

Plastic Looks pleasing appearance, and dust-proof, anti-magnetic design is won everyone’s favorite, with modern

Home Environmental better together. BT-AUDIO Coax Home Theater The BT-AUDIO5.1 coaxial home theater not only has the world’s top coaxial cell technology, and the appearance of fine, delicate work, placed in the room, elegant, chic.

Undefined undefined Coaxial cell technology: coaxial unit is actually tweeter and woofer in combination, treble bass subtly placed in the center of the diaphragm, thus ensuring high, the acoustic bass is the same center point, which solve the problem of phase deviation.

General, all the sounds of nature to produce all harmonics, they can know the source by the type and sound quality. Harmonics of a single note can be extended to beyond listening, a fundamental frequency in the bass range of the basic note speaker will be reproduced by tweeters many harmonic components. If the tweeter is independently isolated, then in terms of time or in space, in most of the listening position to hear the fundamental frequency of the note and its harmonics will be a lot of time differences, it can not accurately reproduce the sound caused , which is the normal multisection frequency systems face a major problem. Coaxial speaker system to maintain a complex harmonic structure of sounds and sound radiation so that each order of the harmonics are the perfect synthesis of music is natural and realistic playback.

Coaxial speaker system to maintain a complex harmonic structure of sounds

Multi-unit system, the same sound at different frequencies by different playback units, they each put their position in different fundamental and harmonic which is equivalent to the starting point of different, even if there Jibo Jia unlimited harmonic sine wave, square wave ultimately can not synthesize, so it does not meet the point source of sound characteristics.

British fair-weather (TANNOY)’s rear dual magnetic circuit dual coaxial technology

British Open Buddha (KEF) the company’s front pair of magnetic Uni-Q coaxial technology

The world’s most famous two coaxial unit than the UK fair-makers and KEF, coaxial technology from the United Kingdom, but the Chinese flourish, BT-AUDIO coaxial technology is the application of the United Kingdom, low cost, high operation mode, create a set of prices is very smooth, BT-AUDIO coaxial home theater.

BT-AUDIO coaxial unit BT-AUDIO5.1 coaxial coaxial home theater technology and the United Kingdom coaxial technology unit comparable in performance showed a high degree of sound radiation phase fidelity, to achieve the standard point source replay, in the sense of hearing, the playback of music with the sound image localization accuracy, high resolution music, great acoustic performance.

Silver flying saucer Subwoofer Subwoofer and speakers used the same passive design, when the Shang Huagui, powerful low-frequency Tough, dive deep, application Energizer bass replay technology to design and bass subwoofer speaker box single geometry-based , citing psychological theory, playback high-quality low-frequency response than expected.

K100 six-channel amplifier Six-channel power amplifier power amplifier package, with advanced design concepts, will greatly improve and beautify the sound sound, sound good, power amplifier circuit improved reliability, even in the long high-intensity work, the throw to ensure stable and reliable. Rely on these strong technical support, this amp sounds sweet and natural, whether it is to listen to human voices or musical instruments, classical or popular, have performed extremely well. In particular, with coaxial speakers with just unleashed, makes a cordial!

Undefined undefined Movie effect test, test films: “Transformers 2.” Listen experience: both in the fight Optimus Prime and Starscream, Megatron, or the last day and fall with the King of fighting, are shocked and full of sounds attack Loud explosions, as if you are fighting for exposure to them in the same, very real presence, even more noteworthy is the BT-AUDIO5.1 theater in high frequency area very efficient, high-pitched and lose full, realistic sound, great dynamic range, the effect just as much as a large ground home theater.

Sound effects test. Test Music: “C major Piano Concerto.” Listen experience: from the Ashkenazy piano and conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra played Mozart’s “C Major Piano Concerto,” Xu Xu urgent, are appropriate, do not dry in no hurry, calm and composed, it is refreshing, in the BT-AUDIO5.1 driven home theater, sound fresh and bright with a touch of warmth in a very perfect interpretation of the essence of Mozart’s music.

Editor Comments: This is a home theater for white-collar is recommended for those that like the sound of coaxial elements, but they limited by the economic situation of our friends, this theater is very easy to put together , and the chic, elegant, delicate crystal treble overall feel. Alto voices full, realistic bass cohesive sound on a very comprehensive set of highly cost-effective coaxial home theater.

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