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Paragon Market Place One Stop Shopping For All Your Gourmet Needs

Singapore needs no introduction as one of the retail hubs of the world. When it comes to international cuisine or glitzy shopping opportunities packaged in cutting edge retail concepts, the Lion City reigns supreme. The Paragon Market Place is one of the much-lauded shopping experiences of the city-state that combines all three of these aspects.
At the heart of Orchard Road, Singapores elite retail thoroughfare, is found Paragon Shopping Centre, the one-stop shopping destination for the chic and brand-conscious. Standing atop a massive shopping podium, the shopping complex comprises six levels of boutiques and designer fashion stores as well as sports outlets and lifestyle stores, with labels ranging from the most sophisticated in haute couture to the more affordable in European fashion. With the extensive ensemble of cafes and restaurants, Paragon strives to present shoppers with a holistic shopping experience. The signature stores of the complex are its massive Metro and Marks and Spencer department stores.
The Paragon Market Place of the Paragon Shopping Centre is a venue that basks in its own limelight. Encompassing over 17,000 feet of the Food Cellar on the basement level of the building, the Paragon Market Place is a one-stop grocery destination for aficionados of exotic and gourmet cuisine. Surrounded by eight well-known food and beverage outlets, the Market Place is a flagship store that caters to the most upmarket and discerning of chefs, offering gourmet and premium products from all over the world.
Shoppers have the opportunity not only to buy hard-to-find exotic produce and complements in one place, but also to buy them in bulk. Most of the products carry branded labels from Japan, USA and Australia. From massive imported cheeses and wines, to the freshest and plumpest fruits and vegetables and a variety of aromatic herbs and spices, the Paragon Market Place does not fail to amaze and enthuse.
This signature outlet is also the proud recipient of the Best Retail Concept Award by the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association, as well as the “2008 Best Retail Concept of the Year” award conferred by the Singapore Retailers Association.
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