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Non-standard Watches – Unique Accessories

If you have always wanted to stand out of the crowd whether in a good way or an intriguing way, there is always the option of getting a funky haircut to make you look different from the rest. The other ways are to wear differently styled clothes and designer jewelry and accessories. Remember when animal prints first made their appearance on the screen and in the retail outlets. People tried them out just for fun, to see what kind of an effect they would have. Now animal prints are common enough people wear them on clothes, caps, footwear and handbags. There even more unconventional applications like watches where animal prints like leopard spots and tiger stripes have a striking effect. Some of the non-standard watches that are worn just for the sake of fashion are the ones which have a huge appeal among young people especially teenagers and children. Older people might want to stick to the regular designs of simple watches; they might not even want to explore other features in addition to that of telling time.

But non-standard watches which have entered all the genres of watch-making, including sports watches, fashion watches and costume watches and mens and womens watches alike are hardly meant for the sole purpose of telling time only. They help in creating an impression at the first look and an arresting impression at that. A non-standard watch can be a great conversation piece. Nerdy and geeky watches also figure among the list of non-standard watches. For example we have the watch which tells time in the 24 hour format instead of the 12 hour format. Yes, it is an analog watch which has only even numbers from 2 to 24 and we can learn to tell time in it, with a simple computation. Then there is the completely mind boggling watch which can drive us crazy at first, for we expect all watches to run clockwise. In fact the word clockwise comes from the motion of the needles in the clock. But there is a clock which moves backwards.

Nowadays it is common to have watches that show the date as well as the lunar phases of the moon. They can help those people who would like to follow the lunar calendar. Some watches have more than one dial in their face which means that they can be programmed to follow the time in several countries. It is easier to follow several time zones this way, than make computations all the time. These types are particularly useful to people who travel a lot. Those of you who have browsed the internet for unconventional designs of watches might have seen the watch without a dial. Yes, it has a face, but no digits, needles or colors. There are just twelve dots along the circumference with a ball rolling according to the time of day. So you would only be able to tell the hour and based on the distance between two dots; you can tell the minutes, but only barely. You would not be able to tell the minutes and seconds precisely, but if you do not care much for accuracy, this can be a real conversation piece. There is another watch which does not even have those dots. The ball bearing just rolls around to indicate the time.

These watches do not look like standard watches as the ball bearing moves about freely when you move your arm and sets automatically to the correct time if you hold it still in a horizontal position for long enough. Then there are the watches which are neither analog nor digital. They just have a dial which has a row of circles which may or may not be colored. You count the number of colored holes to tell the time. There are different sizes of holes to indicate the hours and minutes. This may take a little getting used to do, but hey, isnt that the point of wearing non-standard watches? Try them on and getting used to them will only take a little while. And the next time someone asks you what the time is at the airport, you can show them your dial and ask them to go figure!

Jerold Holden has been a long-time admirer and collector of Rolex Watches, particularly the Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Datejust. He said there is just something about the Rolex brand that keeps him and other clients wanting to purchase more and build a collection. Do you want to start your own collection? Visit

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