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Non-repairable Watches – Are They For You?

Watches fitted into jewelry and fashion watches are unique. But they often come to give trouble in the form of fallen stones, tarnished straps, scratched dials and unclear watch glasses. This can be rather tiring for the owner, when they have to get the little flaws repaired. And then, if they discover the problem of a fallen stone or a tarnished bezel just before breezing off to a party or an outing, then it can be really frustrating to discover that you cannot wear the watch. You may want to still wear the watch if the imperfection is a very small and unnoticeable. Then you can pray that no one notices and this may spoil your evening. Perhaps this is not a big problem, but you might not at all be able to wear the watch if the clasp does not fit snugly or if one of the parts is lost. As a solution to this problem, there are non-repairable watches available which cannot be repaired if anything is wrong, but look good while going strong. They can only be thrown away in the garbage or sold off to people who are ready to buy such instruments for a low price.

From what we hear about non-repairable watches, we see that it would not do at all to use this type of watches for heavy duty usage. To put it better, they should be handled with extreme care. Once any little trouble with functionality or tarnishing in the looks turns up, the watch would be completely useless as it cannot be used for anything — not even as just an accessory, as it looks like an eyesore. This is why people who plan on buying non-repairable watches should carefully consider how well they would be able to handle this device. If they are not sure of how they plan to handle the watch and in what kind of circumstances, then it would be very important to find that out first. They cannot possibly profit from using it roughly and then losing out on the value of the watch even before they get to enjoy its use and flaunt it before their friends and co-workers.

When the customer is sure that he or she would only use it for careful usage, then it is surely a good idea to go for these hassle-free models which bring in enough admiring glances from friends. The good thing about these models is that you do not need to shell out a mound of money for maintenance. They are well-made and the designs keep classically appealing throughout the different trends and sways of fashion. And since they are the non-repairable models, then you can be sure that the spare-parts and all the parts of the device are originals.

Use the non-repairable watches for all the purposes of simple adornment and gentle usage. But if you are a professional who uses many heavy duty usage applications at your workplace, then make sure that you do not wear this watch to the workplace. If you are a professional who works in the mines or in the laboratory which has chemical or radioactive exposure, then you have specially designed watches for special purposes like for navigators, sailors, miners and mariners. These watches are specially made to be water resistant if the user plans to wear it underwater. The mariner can use watches to resist water pressure for several bars. Those professionals and workers who work near blast furnaces or in laboratories which generate high temperatures have to be custom-made. For example NASA approves of only Rolex watches which are made after their specifications. They can be used freely without worries. In no way is it permissible to use non-repairable watches when working at such specific jobs as those at NASA.

We no longer have those olden types which have to be keyed in every once in a while so that they do not go slow or lose time. Usually collections of non-repairable watches are released by reputed watch-making companies once a year. They hire special designers and graphics experts to come up with this line of watches. They have special importance and are promoted according to their unique attributes.

Omar Middleton is a proud owner of at least 15 Rolex Watches. He counts the Rolex Daytona and Rolex Submariner as two of his most favorite in the entire collection. Find him in forums and groups tackling anything and everything about Rolex. He talks about the brand so much you can label him a Rolex-ologist.

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