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New Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Found in Brazil

The Brazilian government has confirmed the existence of an uncontacted tribe found in the southwestern area of Amazon rain forest. The lost tribe of 200 was founded by researchers from Brazil’s Indian protection agency in the dense rainforest of Vale do Javari – about 1,130 kilometers east of Manaus. The government organization named National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) reported that researchers were first aware of the tribe thanks to studying some small gaps in the forest while reviewing satellite imagery of the Javari Valley in the western Amazon.

Authorities said that the remote group may contain around 200 indigenous people who belong to the Pano linguistic group. The most recently identified tribe live together in four traditionally built huge and straw-roofed buildings. They grow corn, bananas, peanuts and other crops surrounding the houses for food. The lost tribe is believed to have never contacted with the outside world. Authorities are currently concerned about the group’s safe due to the illegal loggers, ranchers and tribal conflicts.

Some aerial photos of tribe in remote region have been unveiled.

Brazilian officials release a series of image taken by the government’s agency of indigenous affairs. The aerial photos show off the life of one of world’s last uncontacted tribes

A never-seen-before structure is captured from the plane. The house of uncontacted Indians’ houses is found in Javari Valley, Brazil

Native people of this tribe often run into the dense jungle when planes pass at low altitude.

The lens zooms into people of the tribe

Two of roof huts are home to newly discovered tribe. The population’s existence was noticed after airplane expeditions in April

The newly discovered tribe is said to belong to Korubo tribe. Brazilian authorities have law of not contacting the tribe but only preventing them from invasions

The life, culture and survival are endangered by illegal hunting, deforestation by farmers, trafficking along Brazil’s border and oil exploration in the Peruvian Amazon


‘Uncontacted’ tribe found in Brazil’s Amazon


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