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Most Watched South Asian Channels

There are altogether 28 states and 7 union territories that air channels in their local languages. These channels broadcast desi tv shows that identifies the nature of the state or the union territories. But the most popular among them are the Hindi channels, which are aired throughout the nation. The channels mainly broadcast game shows, movies, daily soaps, reality shows and other form of animated shows especially for the little ones. Although, Hindi channels made their way just recently, but the roots dates back in the late 50s from where they started off. It was after the Indian independence when the country was still struggling to settle down, when all of a sudden the government introduced the first ever Hindi channel which acted as a source of income as well as entertainment. This was the birth of the first Hindi channel which was introduced on 15th September 1959. It created a sensational throughout the country and almost everyone started to get their daily dose of entertainment.

This marked the beginning of “All Indian Radio” while television was introduced in the early 70s. But it was until 1982 that on the day of India’s independence, then Prime Minister Shrimati Indira Gandhi addressed to the nation. The 15th August 1982, inaugural speech from the Prime Minister became the first ever TV show to be aired by the Hindi Channel, “Doordarshan”. This was later followed by 1982 Asian Games which were held in the capital. This was the origin of the first ever south Asian channel in the country and managed to create a benchmark for others. Today, there are hundreds of desi tv channels that telecast programs from every corner of the country. But the Hindi channels are the most watched south asian channels among the Indians. The channels started with different genres of entertainment which encouraged many others to follow the suite. The NEWS channel, family drama shows, kid’s entertainment programs, sleuth’s stories, mythological epics and many more kicked off with the start of first ever Hindi channel, “Doordarshan”.

Since then, many other TV channels have managed to create their own identity by embarking the launch of various desi TV shows. Benefits within the nation are also provided to us through the launch of many regional and local south Asian channels. But this is just the beginning of it; years to come we could be witnessing a new genre of entertainment that would create much bigger sensation within India.

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