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Currently in the market range hood, looks up points by the main split off elegant appearance and stylish European-style range hood, and bulky like a Chinese-style hood. Range hood While the appearance look better than the Chinese style range hood, fashion, but generally the same price for their smoking is not the main function and Chinese range hood, and the price is more expensive, it usually 2,000 yuan more like a good side too, the boss and other top flagship product is among the more than 4000, while Chinese-style hood, such as bell although the appearance of Ben, but rarely up to 3000, to more than 2000 is considered a good price the product. So if home cooking over high flame for general prefer to use the suction can be considered with good practical buy good Chinese hoods, comfortable and economical conditions, it may consider buying expensive European-style hood … …

First up?? “Affordable” line, “All people on earth are like the cheap,” This is someone Gome “celebrity,” said then the purchase price if the hood into the 600 line below do not know will not be tempted pragmatic you do? If the pursuit of high product quality with high prices, no brand will not survive, skip this column.

To 600 yuan hood, have no any new products, new technology is concerned, generally speaking, are Chinese, and works a few years ago, although the relatively low price line, but there are still some manufacturers of products . In this price is considered more of our well-known manufacturers, service and other factors, therefore, like beauty, Haier products are worthy of our attention, the general quality of products of these manufacturers are assured, although not hood such as notebook computers and other consumer electronics that value plunges off fairly fast, but as Shuaikang 2001, best-selling wind hood to hood rhyme series in 2006 now has a drop of more than 500 yuan, the product in the more than 600 yuan the following can be considered to start the.

Shuaikang Wind Rhyme Series Range Hood CXW-168-S188

Shuaikang Wind Rhyme Series Range Hood CXW-168-S188

Features: compact and full of dynamic, streamlined design, fashion highlight the charm of the whole structure of dual compartment cavity, smooth, easy to plot the oil, cleaned easily. Set the whole tank with detachable stretch forming, product oil seamless escape noise, suction strong third gear Rocker Switch.

Comment: Shuaikang Zhejiang production hood Brand One, but this Shuaikang Wind Yun Series Range Hood CXW-168-S188 Cikuan hood in 2003, had the best selling hoods Shuaikang one, representing approximately 1.94% of total market Although time to market early, but the win is very low in noise, air flow, duct diameter 180mm (usually 150mm), the overall two-compartment cavity structure, not easy to accumulate oil and reduce oil leakage, drip probability, easy to clean . Drawback is that the former

Panel The plate some soft hands would rise and fall of a press. This smoke do to today to more than 500 yuan or so of the price, comprehensive cost-effective or acceptable.

Reference Price: 598 yuan Click to view specifications

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