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Make Time Your Ally Through Pocket Watches

You often feel that time is against you. Especially when you have loads of things to do, you feel that time is eluding you. All watches within your line of vision seem to work double time: your travel alarm clocks seem to wake you up earlier than usual, your atomic clocks seem to be running faster, and even the clock on your computer screen seems to pass by each minute at the speed of light. Whether you are a fan of modern wristwatches or of vintage pocket watches, you still feel that time is not on your side.

In reality, the idea of time being against you is just a perception. You cannot blame your pocket watches for this. It is actually YOU who makes them work faster.

So what should you do in order for you to be in control of your time? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Take control of your work.

First and foremost, you must have a say on how much work you can accept. Do not take in too much – or too less – work. If you take in so much work, then you would feel that every minute is important and that each second is running fast. On the other hand, if you barely have work to do, you get bored and all you have to do is wait for your log out time. When this is the case, naturally, you would feel that time is not moving at all! Once again, all this is a matter of perception and no way can you blame your pocket watches for the stubbornness of time.

2. Take control of your mindset.

You also need to take care of your mindset. By default, people tend to whine and complain when they are given so much work. Don’t fall for this. Instead, you should be on top of your tasks by creating a workable schedule for yourself. You can do this by properly dividing your time so that each task is given enough effort and attention until its completion. Of course, don’t forget to check your pocket watches – or your computer clocks – once in a while to see if you are still within your time limit. Simply put, taking control of your mindset means having a positive outlook and thinking that you will be able to finish all your tasks in time. This is the only way for you to combat the overwhelming effect of work.

3. Take control of the usual distractions.

The office presents a myriad of distractions. There’s that obligatory office chit-chat, the extended lunch or coffee break, and even that tempting website that talks about your favorite player or your favorite NBA team. When you have lots of work to do, you must veer away from this. Otherwise, your pocket watches will nag you in your face and shout about how much time you’ve wasted. Do these “other things” if you are not tight on schedule. Of course, stick to what you’ve planned to do for the day.

Indeed, time is very elusive. Sometimes, you feel that it’s the only thing that you’ve got. At other times, you feel that it’s the one thing that you don’t have. So in order to be sure that you don’t have to complain about not having enough time, take note of the suggestions above. Those are very simple yet functional tips. By making use of them, you’ll be sure that your pocket watches will always be your friend starting today.

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