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Latest Trends In Fashion Watches – Varieties Available

The only piece that can be considered as mens jewelry is a watch. The elegant Rolex with its white dial and metal strap is one of the classics that every man needs to have. It is such a part of mens wardrobe, that without one, mens attire seems so incomplete. But apart from such classic pieces which are essential for that executive look, you also need to look at the latest trends in fashion watches.

Leather has been the part of mens watches for quite some time now. Apart from a metal strap, leather straps are the most famous type of straps that have been in use from the time of the invention of wrist watches. Now the latest trend in fashion watches is leather straps with a twist. Wide bodied leather straps that look like leather bracelets with the dial embedded at the center is the most famous design of fashion watches. The breadth of the strap is two to three times its conventional breadth. The main brand producing this variety of watches seems to be diesel and these are generally used with driving jackets and leather pants for that tough look.

Another variety in leather is the blue stained leather with the broad dial. Unlike the previous model where the strap dominated the whole breadth, these new types have a broad face of the dial almost twice the conventional ones. These are generally for evening wear and go well with jeans and all sorts of casual wear. People who generally attend beach parties and hot night clubs prefer these fashion watches.

Another type of the funky variety is the fashion watches with broad or normal nylon straps. These have colorful straps made of nylon and the face of the watch is generally dominated with wide dials of various colored backgrounds. These generally have the more flamboyant look and are preferred for gay occasion, where you want to look a bit different!

In case you want to add the more than a bit different look then it calls for checking out watches that seem to come straight out of a sci-fi flick. These are the fashion watches variety that seems to come right from the future generation. These watches generally have a digital display or time shown in the opposite. The strap is also a bit different, made of metal and coated with paint. The shape of the dial and the dimensions are anything but conventional and are useful when you are thoroughly bored of the normal and conventional ones. These are generally suitable to be worn over all sorts of formal and casual dresses and give you the different look that you are targeting. It can be said that these are the different ones in fashion watches.

Another great way to show your personality and style as well as look a bit different is to try the meshed look. Fashion watches with meshed metal straps and conventional white dials are once again the man thing and in-thing. This is for those that arent afraid to make a choice in fashion watches. The wide array of different styles and different dials like square ones and black ones throws convention overboard. As these come with metal finish and metal straps they look good with formal wear and are also suitable with evening clothes. And in case you are planning to meet someone special at the latest pub in town, this meshed timepiece will complete the look.

Finally after covering all those that have the different look we come back to the conventional ones that make it to the fashion watches list. These are the hide-time watches that are available in the complete metal range. The special feature of these watches is a metal flap over the face of the dial. With all the watch and the strap made out of metal and a flap over the face of the dial this makes it to the jewelry watches category. This metal watch belongs to the conventional part of fashion jewelry.

Thus, instead of sticking to your classic Rolex, go on and try some of these loveable varieties that are a part of fashion watches.

Trey Lowry is a passionate Rolex Watches enthusiast. He already has a huge collection of watches but he counts the Rolex Oyster and Rolex Submariner as his all-time favorite. Like a lot of Rolex clients, he has bookmarked at his home and office computer.

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