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Lagos is worth watching place

Lagos is best city to visit in the whole of West Africa. Lagos is full of amazing and astonishing beauties and attractions. Lagos is situated on the shore of Atlantic Ocean. Lagos is full of amazing and stunning beaches. These beaches are the best beaches as compare to beaches of Accra the capital of Ghana. Accra is famous for its stunning and fabulous buildings. Accra is remained under the British Empire and its buildings show the glimpses of British culture. The beaches of Lagos are out class beaches. Tourists from all around the globe book their cheap flights to Lagos with Arik Air and enjoy the hot savannah climate and beautiful sceneries.


Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. Harare is not only famous for its beautiful and astonishing attractions especially its Victoria Falls but for its ideal climate as well. But the rainy days and pleasant climate which Lagos is having is matchless. Tourists from every corner of the world book their flights to Lagos from London and rest of the world to observe this pleasant climate and have a look at the beauties of the beaches of Lagos.


Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and the most populous city of Africa. Egypt is famous all around the world for its old civilization and amazing attractions. Most famous and attractive places to visit at Egypt are its gorgeous Pyramids. There are more or less 80 Pyramids located at Egypt. These Pyramids are built in the period of 80 years with the help of 20,000 to 30,000 workers. The most famous and biggest Pyramid is situated in the area of Giza. This Pyramid is called the Great Pyramid. The height of this Pyramid is 481 feet.  Lagos is famous al around the world for its stunning and mind blowing attractions. Tourists from all around the globe book their seats in flights to Lagos through Royal Air Maroc and have fun. National Museum, Black Heritage Museum; Sungbo’s Eredo can be said as the “unknown Wonder of the World”. The Eredo is an earthwork about 1,050 years old at Giza. The Eredo grave was built as a monument to Bilikisu Sungbo, Ikoyi Island, Yellow Chili, Churras, and Badagary Town.

I prefer to like Africa to visit. Cheap flights to Lagos from all destinations of the world are available. Arik Air is best Airline which provides excellent services by its flights to Lagos. Flights to Lagos from London are taken by the tourists who wish to travel Lagos to have a look at the astonishing beauties of nature. Tourists all around the world book their flights to Lagos with Royal Air Maroc to spend vacations.

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